A2 Grade Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a bonded sandwich structure system of two surface aluminium Sheets and Aluminum honeycomb cores with a special adhesive.
A2 Grade Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panels
The honeycomb technology is from aerospace technology.using hot pressing or vacuum pressing technology. Due to the high thermal conductivity between the aluminum plates and honeycomb, it is synchronized the thermal expansion and contraction of the inside and outside aluminium material. There are small holes on the honeycomb core foil wall so that the air is free of flowing inside the panel box.

Aluminum honeycomb panels can be used in a variety of fields including wall materials, interior decoration, ceiling, partition, furniture industry, ship hull building and ship decoration, vehicle building , lift and elevator , Train and high speed subway.

A2 Grade Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panels

Characteristics Of Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels :
  • Excellent strength
  • Superb flatness
  • Light weight (15 mm thick aluminum honeycomb panelwith 1mm aluminum face plate, weighs only 6kg/m2)
  • A2 Grade Fire retardant
  • Environmental and 100% recyclable
  • Sound proof and thermal insulation