Aluminum Composite Panel is Becoming more and more Personalized

The aluminum plate of the Aluminum Composite Panel is anodized and colored, and the color is bright. Due to the composite structure, it has the advantages of metal materials and plastics. The main features are lightweight, strong durability, stronger impact resistance and dent resistance than aluminum alloy sheets; free bending and no rebound after bending. Therefore, the molding is convenient, and when bending along the curved surface substrate, it does not need special fixing, and can be closely adhered to the base body, and is convenient for sticking and fixing; since it is subjected to surface treatment such as anodizing, coloring, painting, etc., it is not only decorative but also strong. Weather resistance; can be sawed, riveted, planed (side), drilled, cold-bent, cold-folded, etc., easy to process, easy to assemble, easy to maintain, easy to maintain.

Decorative Composite Panels

Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel is a new type of metal-plastic composite sheet that is increasingly used in the exterior walls of buildings and in the treatment of interior and exterior walls, cylinders, and top surfaces. In order to protect the surface from being scratched during transportation and construction, the Decorative Composite Panels are covered with a protective film and then removed after construction.
Because the Aluminum Composite Panel has many advantages such as lightweight, high strength, sound insulation, weather resistance, waterproof, fireproof, easy to install, beautiful and luxurious, the market share has expanded rapidly, which has greatly replaced the glass curtain wall.
In addition to the production of Decorative Composite Panels in a variety of colors, the quality is guaranteed. Our board is very light in the material, easy to install, and has a variety of styles that have been loved by many people.