Why does the Aluminum Composite Panel not Paint off or Fade?

As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, share with you. One of the most common products in the construction industry is aluminum curtain wall products. Nowadays, large and small projects are using aluminum curtain walls as decorative materials. The reason why they are very popular is that they can maintain paint for a long time. It does not fade, the wind and rain, and the scorching heat and cold, it still maintains a bright and beautiful appearance, which is not a characteristic of other products. As an important building decoration material, aluminum veneer has a very important influence on the modern building decoration industry, so the requirements for processing are very high to ensure the quality and decorative effect of aluminum veneer. Therefore, it is necessary for aluminum veneer manufacturers to have independent research and development capabilities, independent design capabilities, and advanced production conditions, be able to complete the design and production of products and improve the defective places within the specified time, and constantly develop new Products to meet market demand. Due to the urbanization and industrial development, the natural environment has changed. The frequent occurrence of acid rain and acid mist has brought a huge test to curtain wall products. Not only must they withstand the test, but also to maintain aesthetics, this aluminum curtain wall performs very well. So what made the aluminum curtain wall such an ability to keep paint and fading, and take you into the story behind the aluminum curtain wall.

First, after the sheet metal processing, the pre-spraying treatment is also required to clean up the stains on the surface of the aluminum plate, such as oil, dust, etc. In addition, anti-oxidation and chromization treatments are also required. Carbon paint is more easily adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum plate, and can keep the paint from falling for a long time.

Second, the electrostatic spraying method makes the paint film more uniform, and the surface of such finished products is smoother and more beautiful.

Third, under normal circumstances, aluminum veneer manufacturers will perform natural leveling and high-temperature drying in the paint room, because natural leveling will make the surface more evenly distributed, using temperatures from 180 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius After drying treatment, the adhesion between the paint film and the aluminum plate is better and tighter, so even if exposed to the sun, the paint will not fall off.

Fourth, the performance of the fluorocarbon paint itself is very good. It has not faded for more than 20 years of outdoor use, and it has not faded for 40 years indoors. Now many aluminum veneer manufacturers have chosen to use fluorocarbon paint.

Fifth, it is worth mentioning that the color of the surface can be selected, and consumers can customize the color according to their needs.

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