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Aluminum Core Composite Panels

YOOBOND Aluminum Core Composite Panel is an improved honeycomb panel that does not incur the expensive unit price of aluminum honeycomb panel but much lighter and slimmer than the latter. It is fully composed of aluminum, 100% environmentally friendly and A2 Grade fire resistant.
Aluminum Core Composite Panels
Aluminum Core Composite Panels has the feature of easy fabrication like aluminum composite panel. Additionally, the perfect surface presentation can be shown as a stone-like, wood-like or mirror surface.
Aluminum Core Composite Panels
Panel Thickness 4mm 6mm
Cover Sheet Thickness 0.7 0.7
Standard Size (W x L ) 1220 x 2440 mm 1220 x 2440 mm
1250 x 2500mm 1250 x 2500mm
1500 x 3050mm 1500 x 3050mm
1500 x 4050mm 1500 x 4050mm
The above dimensions are standard ex works.
Individual sizes are available on request.


Aluminum Alloy  1100 ,3003 ,5005
Paint Supplier PPG, Becker , Akzo Nobel
Core Material Fireproof A2 Noncombustible inorganic materials
Surface Coating PVDF ,FEVE ,Nano-PVDF ,Spectra-PVDF
The Above materials are regular on request.
Special requirments please contact with Yoobond Service Team directly.


  • Exterior curtain wall
  • Building interior wall decoration
  • Decorative renovation for old building
  • Materials used for vehicle, airplane
  • New materials for furniture