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Is the Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Necessarily Better?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you. For users of aluminum veneer curtain walls, the choice of aluminum veneer thickness is very important, which is also a problem that has plagued many users who have just been in contact with aluminum veneer. Choosing a suitable thickness lays a good foundation for the later decoration project, and the quality of the later decoration effect, including aesthetics, durability, etc. In the end how to choose, listen to any suggestions of aluminum veneer manufacturers.

First of all, it is necessary to consider how the environment is used. The natural environment is relatively harsh. In the case of windy and rainy years, the test of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is very large, so you need to choose a thicker aluminum veneer in order to be able to Strengthen the coefficient of wind resistance and pressure resistance to ensure the use effect. In general, most people use aluminum veneer with a thickness of 2.5mm or 3.0mm. In addition, for the flat part of the tall building, the decorative effect of using thick aluminum veneer will be better, which can effectively ensure the flatness. In some projects using glass decoration, aluminum veneer plays the role of edge decoration, you can choose a thinner aluminum veneer. It should be noted that when using a thick aluminum veneer curtain wall, the main and auxiliary keels need to be enlarged to ensure stability and safety.

If it is used indoors, such as aluminum veneer ceiling decoration, because it is not tested by the harsh environment outdoors, it is suitable to use a thin aluminum veneer, which can not only reduce the load, but also reduce the cost. Generally, aluminum veneers of 1.5mm or 2.0mm are used. The indoor single-piece area is smaller and there are folds on all sides, so the board surface is not easy to deform, and it will not affect the flatness and decoration effect. In addition, there are some architectural styles with peculiar shapes. Because of the needs of modeling, special-shaped aluminum veneers are generally selected. Special-shaped aluminum veneers are unique in shape, so they need to be thicker to prevent deformation.

In summary, the thickness of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is not the greater, the better. It is the best to choose the right one; at the same time, it is also important to choose the right professional aluminum veneer manufacturers. Our company also has Splashback Aluminum Composite Panel for sale, please contact us.