What are the Aspects that Should be Paid Attention to When Purchasing Aluminum Composite Panel?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you.

1. How to fix the plates

The fixing method of the panels is a fixed distance compression fixing method to ensure the flatness of the surface of the curtain wall. The inconsistent force of the fixed points of each plate can easily cause the plate surface to deform or even detach, thereby affecting the appearance of the decorative effect. Therefore, the fixing method of the panels plays a decisive role in the installation flatness of the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall.

2. The connection method of the plates

The so-called plate connection method must use floating connection, which will not cause deformation of the curtain wall due to force, because the floating connection guarantees the recovery ability of the curtain wall aluminum veneer after deformation and the integrity of the curtain wall.

3. Whether reinforcing ribs are added reasonably on the back of the plate

On the back of the aluminum veneer, reinforcement ribs are added at the middle position according to the scientific calculation of the size to increase the strength and rigidity of the board surface. Avoid long-term deformation and safety of a single aluminum veneer.

4. Whether the curtain wall materials selected for aluminum veneer meet the national standards, specifications, design and production. At present, in each building materials decoration market, the quality of different materials is slightly different, and the price is also different. You must choose materials that meet the national certification standards. , Is the foundation to guarantee the quality standard of curtain wall.

5. Is the waterproof method of aluminum veneer reasonable?

The aluminum veneer waterproofing method is to adopt the sealing method, and select the appropriate sealing method to ensure the waterproof structure and internal waterproofing, while ensuring the function and decorative effect of the curtain wall.

Of course, when choosing to buy aluminum veneer, choosing a good aluminum veneer manufacturer is also one of the important considerations. You can consider whether a company is worth trading and buying from many aspects. Consider factors such as 3 aspects:

1. Have extensive experience in the aluminum curtain wall industry

2. Enterprises with quality, service and credibility

3. Enterprises with professional technical construction team

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