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Do you know the Construction Method of Dry Hanging Aluminum Composite Panel in the Hall?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you. Aluminum composite panel must be very common in decoration and have good use value. As a new type of decoration material, they are widely used in building exterior walls. Construction projects such as curtain wall panels and old building renovations are favored by consumers for their excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and convenient construction methods. Speaking of the dry-hanging construction method of aluminum-plastic composite panels, I believe you can’t wait to learn about it. Here are some detailed illustrations about the construction methods of dry-hanging aluminum composite panels in the hall, hoping to help everyone.

Dry-hanging aluminum-plastic panel construction in the hall:

1. The laying-out work is carried out according to the actual centerline and elevation points of the civil construction; the design of the finish is based on the axis of the building. The aluminum-plastic panel frame is composed of horizontal and vertical pieces. The position line of the vertical rods is first played, and then the The anchor point of the vertical rod is determined.

2. Install the fixed connecting parts on the basis of laying out the wires, and fix the connecting parts by electric welding, with the anti-rust paint at the welding seam twice. The connecting piece is welded and fixed with the embedded piece on the main structure. When the embedded iron piece is not embedded on the main structure, the main structure can be drilled to install expansion bolts to fix the connecting iron piece.

3. Install the skeleton by welding. Check the elevation and center line position at any time during installation. At the same time, the cross-section connection welds are treated with anti-rust paint, and the fixed connection parts are concealed. The inspection records include the length, thickness, and position of the connection parts. Set the elevation, quantity, and embedding depth.

4. Install the aluminum-plastic panel on the inner frame of the profile, first tap and mill the screw holes, and use rivets to fix the aluminum-plastic panel on the profile steel frame one by one; the gap between the panels is 10~15mm and then the silicone is injected Weather-resistant sealant; it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the packaging paper before the installation of the aluminum plate, until the protective film of the packaging is torn off before completion; construct according to the direction indicated by the arrow of the aluminum-plastic plate.

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