How to Deal With Lightning Protection for High-Rise Aluminum Curtain Walls?

There is no specific reference standard for aluminum curtain walls. As more and more high-rise buildings use aluminum curtain walls, should we consider its lightning protection characteristics?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you. The phenomenon of thunder and lightning is relatively common, and many people are accustomed to it. However, the causes of thunder and lightning are very complicated. If no measures are taken, it will cause very serious harm. For example, in 1989, my country’s Huangdao oil depot was struck by lightning, which burned for four days and four nights, seriously endangering people’s lives and property. This shows that the hazard of lightning is evident, which is one of the necessary reasons for paying attention to lightning protection. Secondly, as the exterior wall of the building, although the aluminum curtain wall is light, beautiful and has a long service life, the material of aluminum alloy makes it excellent in electrical conductivity, and the existence of the aluminum curtain wall changes the electric field around the high-rise building, which is very easy to attract attack of thunder and lightning.

Moreover, the area of ​​the aluminum curtain wall is large, so its load current and voltage are very high, which can easily cause damage. Finally, although high-rise buildings have lightning protection devices, due to their existence, the current that should be loaded by the building will be transferred to the aluminum curtain wall, which is more dangerous. Based on the above reasons, we must pay attention to the lightning protection measures of high-rise aluminum curtain walls. Our company also has Metal Solid Panel Custom on sale, welcome to contact us.