Do you know the construction process of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel?

1. Aluminum honeycomb panel in place

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel China is placed in a dedicated venue to minimize the adverse effects on each other. After the aluminum honeycomb panels are in place, they should be stacked neatly, and the aluminum honeycomb panels should be laid flat on the ground. Use wooden blocks every 3 meters below, and take good isolation measures and warning signs to prevent aluminum honeycomb panels from being stepped on and crushed. Because aluminum honeycomb panels are longer and relatively heavy, workers must be very careful during handling, and they must be protected from being cut by steel plates, and they must also be protected from breakage.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panel lifting

Pre-drill 2 circular holes in the upper part of the aluminum honeycomb panel, make hooks with steel bars, and hook in the middle hole. The hooks are connected with the wire rope of the hoist. Before lifting the aluminum honeycomb panel, manually lift the color panel against the wall, use hooks on the round holes, and tighten the steel wire rope with a hoist. The aluminum honeycomb panel was then slowly erected. At this time, the auxiliary workers on the ground lifted the veneer along with The tightening of the veneer is slowly adjusted to adjust the position. Workers on the gondola in the production workshop area and elevator shaft area use ropes to control the color plate balance. Workers on the scaffolding in the warehouse area use ropes to control the color plate to prevent the balance. The board is damaged. Until the board is lifted upright. The round holes must be punched into the buckle of the overlap of the Aluminum Honeycomb Panels For Wall Materials. After the board is installed, the round holes are blocked with waterproof silicone, and the round holes are covered with the board installed below.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels For Wall Materials

3. Aluminum honeycomb panel installation

The aluminum honeycomb panel is installed immediately after the keel installation. After all the keels that can be installed in one position of the gondola (scaffolding) are installed, that is, the aluminum honeycomb panels within the range that the scaffold can be installed are installed. Move the gondola (scaffold) once. Before the aluminum honeycomb panel is placed on the ground artificially, the aluminum honeycomb panel can be installed upright. Hoist the aluminum honeycomb panel. Workers stand on the hanging basket (scaffolding), two people on the upper and lower sides of the board, and align the lower end of the aluminum honeycomb panel with the height measured in advance. The front board of the lifting board should be strictly controlled according to the dimensions shown in the drawing. The theodolite measures the verticality of the aluminum honeycomb panel. When the verticality reaches the requirements allowed by the specification, first nail the aluminum honeycomb panel’s lower structure. Check the verticality again. If the requirements are met, the structural nails on the top of the aluminum honeycomb panel will be beaten again. Pay attention to the tightness of the self-tapping screws. , The water-stop function is lost; too loose, the water-stop gasket and the veneer are not tight enough, and there is a hidden danger of water leakage. Therefore, the workers who arrange to ascend to self-tapping must be very skilled workers. Our company is Metal Composite Panels Factory, welcome to consult.