Do you Know the Environmental Performance of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel?

1. Reasons for using Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for furniture and other materials

For the modern furniture industry with strict environmental protection requirements, the use of aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum honeycomb panels as furniture processing materials is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality allows furniture manufacturers to When processing furniture, unnecessary environmental protection procedures are eliminated. In addition, aluminum honeycomb panel panels can be diversified, such as solid wood, aluminum panels, gypsum boards, fire boards, MDF, natural marble, etc. Convenience.

2. Comparison of aluminum honeycomb panels and traditional materials

Aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in cabinets, ecological doors, office furniture, exhibit furniture and so on. The honeycomb panel made with the honeycomb panel has the functions of moisture resistance, mothproof, fire prevention and corrosion resistance, and its performance of compression resistance and bending resistance is much better than traditional materials.

3. The penetration rate of aluminum honeycomb panels in western countries

In the West, aluminum honeycomb panels have formed a series of specifications in the field of building materials, becoming a major emerging material with excellent performance, simple and strange structure, frugal resources and energy. Promoting the use of honeycomb composite materials in the furniture manufacturing industry will greatly reduce the use of wood and improve the disadvantages of wood-based panel deformation. Taking a 20-mm-thick board as an example, if an aluminum honeycomb panel is made of 2.5 mm MDF as a panel, the amount and weight of the material are only about 1/4 of that of a solid MDF; the cost of a composite panel is only solid About 1/2 of the board, and the composite board has the advantages of light weight, easy deformation and convenient transportation. Therefore, in Europe, more than 80% of the interior room doors are honeycomb composite doors, and most furniture panels with a thickness of more than 20 mm are aluminum honeycomb panels. Aluminum honeycomb panels are ideal for panel furniture. For example, it can be used for side panels, panels, roof panels, partitions, floor panels, door panels, insulation and some decorative pieces with a thickness greater than 18mm. Thicker plates can show the superiority of honeycomb materials; thick plates also have good bending resistance and are used in dining tables, coffee tables, TV cabinets, etc. There are even furniture manufacturers using it to make support legs for furniture, which shows the universality of its use.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminum honeycomb panels are often used to make ceilings for subway stations, large shopping malls, and conference rooms. Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Wall Materials can also be used as curtain walls and roofs of high-rise buildings, and can also be used as screens, sound insulation panels, and portable mobile homes in banks and hotels. The aluminum honeycomb panel not only has a good decorative effect, but also can take advantage of the characteristics of vibration absorption and energy absorption of the honeycomb panel to reduce human casualties and property damage caused by the earthquake.

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