Do you know the Hidden Characteristics of Aluminum Veneer?

As an Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier, share with you. When it comes to aluminum veneer, many people’s first impression of it is the ceiling decoration materials or curtain wall products, and the second is the performance, variety of styles, and countless color patterns. This is the basic understanding of aluminum veneers by people who have been in contact with them but have no in-depth understanding of aluminum veneers. If you have a deeper understanding of aluminum veneers, you should know that aluminum veneers have many features and advantages, and also know that aluminum Veneer plays an important role in modern architecture. But even if you are in frequent contact with the Aluminum Composite Panel, you may not necessarily fully understand its characteristics, and some hidden characteristics are often not seen by people.

The first point is that aluminum veneers are lightning-proof. A few years ago, the debate over the topic that aluminum veneers could prevent lightning was fierce. Some people thought that this was impossible, while others insisted that aluminum veneers have The characteristics of lightning protection. Until a laboratory in Germany conducted an experiment, it was shown that when lightning strikes, the aluminum veneer can prevent lightning strikes by using curtain wall connection. Although the results of the experiment have told us the answer, there are still many people who do not understand this.

The second point is that the aluminum veneer has the characteristics of fire prevention. The aluminum-plastic panels produced in the early period cannot be fire-proof, so it leaves people with the awareness that the aluminum veneer cannot be fire-proof. This awareness still exists until now, but in fact With the advancement of science and technology and production equipment, aluminum veneer manufacturers have already solved this problem. The current aluminum veneer fire performance has been greatly improved to meet the needs of engineering fire protection.

Thanks to advanced technology, the development of aluminum veneer manufacturers has been supported by new technologies, and the products produced are getting better and better, and the added value of the products is getting higher and higher.

As we all know, aluminum veneer, as one of the most popular building decoration materials this year, has a variety of surface colors, not only limited to such pure colors as white, gray, and metallic colors, but also has a richer simulation color system, such as imitation wood grain, This kind of color like imitation stone texture has a delicate and soft texture, but not only for aesthetics, but also anti-aging, anti-weathering, and weather resistance enhancement functions, which greatly improves the service life of the product.

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