What are the Forms and Characteristics of Aluminum Curtain Walls?


As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, share with you.

1. The aluminum curtain wall column and the main structure are connected by bolts, and the adverse effects of the main structure construction error are eliminated through three-dimensional adjustment;

2. The aluminum plate curtain wall column adopts galvanized square steel pipe, which has strong resistance to bending and torsion, which can meet the needs of large-cell curtain wall;

3. The crossbeam of the aluminum curtain wall is connected by angle steel and stainless steel bolts, which has strong force transmission ability and resistance to torsion of the crossbeam;

4. The aluminum curtain wall block is connected with the frame through the fixed distance pressing block, so that the panel and the frame are in an active connection state, and the panel has a better deformation performance;

5. Stainless steel bolts are used to connect the aluminum plate of the aluminum curtain wall to the connecting corner, which is firm and reliable;

6. On-site sealant is used to seal between the aluminum curtain wall panels;

7. A rubber pad is added between the aluminum alloy connection corner and the keel of the aluminum curtain wall to avoid noise during the displacement process and prevent galvanic corrosion between the two metals.

8. The aluminum curtain wall has good seismic resistance, safety, and convenient construction.

9. The aluminum curtain wall adopts the bolt connection system, which can effectively avoid the damage to the anti-corrosion surface of the galvanized steel parts by the large-area welding on the construction site, and also improve the installation accuracy and installation speed.

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