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How to Distinguish Between Indoor Aluminum Veneer and Outdoor Aluminum Veneer?

There are many kinds of aluminum veneer products, and the application scenarios and functions of different products are different. From the application scenarios, there are roughly two cases. One is Aluminium Composite Panel Wall Cladding, which is used for outdoor decoration. The other is aluminum veneer. Board for interior decoration. Why do aluminum veneer manufacturers distinguish between indoor and outdoor, and what are the differences between indoor and outdoor aluminum veneers? How do consumers need to distinguish whether the aluminum veneer products they buy are used indoors or outdoors? Today Aluminum Composite Panels Factory is here to share some experiences.

First, we must first understand why we need to distinguish between indoor and outdoor products.

Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel

The indoor and outdoor aluminum veneer products need to face different environments and the tests they need to cope with are different. As we all know, the outdoor environment is much worse than the indoor environment, and the outdoor temperature changes Large, compared to outdoors, indoor temperature changes are relatively small. Outdoors have been exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. Occasionally, they will encounter extreme weather such as acid rain and salt fog. There are typhoons and thunderstorms in the southern coastal areas Wait. This requires that the aluminum veneer products used outdoors have very good performance and can easily cope with these harsh environments, but the interior is different, and the interior is hardly affected by these factors, so the two products are different.

Secondly, after knowing why to distinguish between indoor and outdoor, let’s analyze how to distinguish between the two products.

Because of the different environments indoors and outdoors, different performances of the two products are created.

First, from the perspective of thickness, outdoor aluminum veneers are generally thicker because they need more compression resistance. The stiffness and hardness are better. It is easy to press the middle part of the aluminum veneer by hand. No deformation will occur. The indoor aluminum veneer does not need so much pressure resistance, so it is generally thinner, which can achieve the decorative effect, save raw materials, and save decorative costs.

Second, the outdoor aluminum veneers on the market are generally fluorocarbon aluminum veneers. The surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. The fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent heat resistance, and excellent weather resistance. The property makes the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer still keep bright and bright after using it for a long time, without varnishing and fading.

Third, the outdoor aluminum veneer can be distinguished by the xylene test, and the solution is dropped on the surface of the aluminum veneer. If there is an open bottom in the part, it is the outdoor aluminum veneer.

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