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How to Identify the Quality of Decoration Composite Panel?

The quality of the Decoration Composite Panel is a point that every user who purchases the aluminum veneer will pay attention to. The quality of the aluminum veneer directly affects the later effects, safety and maintenance costs of the entire project. So how do consumers identify the quality of aluminum veneers purchased from Aluminum Composite Panels Factory?

Decoration Composite Panel

1.Observe the flatness of the aluminum veneer

Under normal circumstances, the surface of the aluminum veneer can be judged by the naked eye, and then carefully observe whether the bends are combined. Generally, the professional aluminum veneer manufacturers have a process from material selection to processing during the production of aluminum veneer. A complete set of systems and processes, layer-by-layer control, production and processing equipment, and the technical level of production and production personnel will also affect the flatness of the aluminum veneer to a certain extent. Generally, aluminum veneers are subjected to the bending height of CNC machine tools. It is about 2 cm, and it must be maintained at 90 degrees after bending, so consumers can use these references to make a preliminary judgment on the quality of aluminum veneer when buying.

2. Observe the surface coating of aluminum veneer

At present, most excellent professional aluminum veneer manufacturers use imported coatings of high standards. For example, the fluorocarbon paint used for fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is currently the most advanced and better coating on the market. Good coatings can guarantee the coating. The surface is more shiny and more resistant to corrosion. In addition to good coatings, advanced spraying equipment is also required. Nowadays, larger aluminum veneer manufacturers generally use automated electrostatic spraying lines. Good equipment can better guarantee The uniform density of the paint surface is consistent. Generally, aluminum veneer manufacturers will perform spraying operations in a dust-free workshop to ensure that there is no dust incorporation, to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the finished product, no color difference, and a smoother feel. Therefore, if consumers can buy the aluminum veneer from the quality of the surface coating to analyze the quality of the aluminum veneer.

3. Observe the thickness of the aluminum veneer

There are many thicknesses of aluminum veneer, and they have different uses. The thicker thickness is suitable for outdoor use, and the smaller thickness is suitable for indoor use. However, whether it is indoor or outdoor use, its thickness is molded. system. The standard aluminum veneer is uniform in thickness and does not appear to be of different thickness on the same product. Carefully observe the thickness of the aluminum veneer. There are some inferior aluminum veneers. The wall thickness error is relatively large, and the thickness is relatively thin. , The gap at the joint of the product will also be relatively large.

Detecting the compression resistance of aluminum veneer

Consumers can press the middle part of the aluminum veneer to observe whether the aluminum veneer is deformed. The high-quality aluminum veneer products generally have high strength and good compression resistance.

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