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How to look at the fading of the Aluminum Composite Panel ?

As an Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier, let’s first take a look at the material and structure of aluminum composite panels: aluminum-plastic composite panels are a new type of decorative materials with a series of excellent properties. They will soon be in the field of curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration, etc. Widely used, it has created a new world of contemporary architectural decoration. The so-called aluminum panel refers to a composite material made of aluminum and plastic. Specifically, the aluminum plate and the plastic core material are bonded and composited by a special adhesive under certain process conditions. In practice, it is generally used as a front and back aluminum plate for painting, and then with a plastic core material. The front panel is typically coated with a decorative coating and the back panel is coated with a protective coating. Regarding the structure of the aluminum-plastic panel, it is generally a sandwich structure, which is a metaphor of a comparative image in which a layer of plastic core material is sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. In fact, the structure of the aluminum composite panel is much more complicated.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel is no stranger to many people. It is also very useful in life, but it will also see some aluminum-plastic panels will fade. Let’s talk about how to correctly treat the fading of aluminum-plastic panels today. this matter.

The aluminum panel will be made of aluminum composite board in the plastic layer, and then the aluminum layer will be covered on the upper side and then extruded and extruded to form an aluminum panel. The aluminum composite board is usually divided into multiple layers, the inner layer is a burning raw material, and the upper and lower left and right compartments are aluminum layers, so the aluminum composite board is also called a multi-layer sandwich panel.

What are the regulations on the appearance of the aluminum panel, and the fading of the aluminum panel is caused by the color. The exterior design of the aluminum panel should conform to the national industry standards, the surface layer is clean and tidy, the five-breasted, aluminum-plastic panel specifications are error-free, and the thickness is not thin and thin beforehand. The surface painting must exceed the regulations. Outdoor aluminum composite panels should be able to withstand a warranty period of 20 years without fading. The fire safety characteristics of the aluminum-plastic panel in the room are practical effects exceeding the flame retardancy. The characteristics of the aluminum composite panel are that it is easy to cut and excel in engineering construction, and the high compressive strength is a good raw material for forming.

Simple installation and superior performance are excellent products that reduce construction time and control costs. The color loss and fading of aluminum composite panels are caused by the mistakes in the purchase of aluminum composite panels. The aluminum composite panels can be roughly divided into two types. This is an outdoor aluminum panel, which is an aluminum panel in the room and an outdoor aluminum-plastic panel. The surface coating process has a fluorocarbon spray composition, and the fluorocarbon sprayed surface coated aluminum composite panel can be used outdoors, resistant to ultraviolet light and high temperature test, and resistant to aging. Can be applied for 20 years without fading. However, because the outdoor aluminum panel is much more expensive than the aluminum panel in the room. Some unscrupulous construction companies or contractors in order to obtain greater profit, the use of aluminum panels in the room as an outdoor aluminum-plastic panel to apply, so will cause the aluminum panel to fade. Our company also has Aluminium Foam Sandwich Panels for sale. Welcome everyone to consult.