Identification of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel is used in the decoration industry. It is also a lot of choice in our life. Many people choose to buy such products when they choose at home. But do you know that the quality of Aluminum Composite Materials in our market is still much better? Do you know how to identify it? Check out the Perforated Metal Sheets Factory!

Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel
  1. Gently fold the corner of the Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel. If you break easily, you should know that he is of poor quality.
  2. Ask the clerk to use the ruler to measure. The international standard indicates that the interior composite panel of Aluminum Composite Materials is 3mm and the outer wall panel is 4mm.
  3. Ask the manufacturer to have a series of proofs that can prove the product, such as inspection form, quality assurance certificate, and international quality certification.
  4. See if the surface of the Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel is flat, the gloss is good, and there are no flaws, scratches, and foamed aluminum-plastic panels that are of poor quality.
  5. Use a lighter to burn the intermediate material of Aluminum Composite Materials and see if there are other magazines other than PE in the burning object. This means that there is adulteration inside.