How to Identify the Quality of Aluminum Composite Panels?

As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, share with you. Aluminum-plastic panels have entered home decoration in recent years. They are widely used because of their smooth surface, bright colors, strong impact resistance, easy cleaning, sturdiness and durability, and quick construction. Aluminum-plastic panels are divided into two major categories: exterior wall engineering panels and interior wall decoration panels. The latter is generally used in home decoration. Aluminum-plastic panels are divided into two types: double-sided and single-sided. The surface of the double-sided aluminum-plastic plate is made of rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy plate. The front is sprayed, and the reverse is aluminum. The single-sided aluminum composite panel has only a layer of aluminum alloy on the surface, which is less strong and cheaper. Surface painting quality, good aluminum plastic adopts imported hot-pressure spraying process, the paint film has uniform color, strong adhesion, and it is not easy to peel off after scratching.

Aluminum-plastic panels for home decoration are generally used in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating covers, partitions and other shapes. During construction, the base surface of the panels should be dry and flat. It is best to use multi-layer boards and blockboard as the bottom layer to prevent occurrence Cracking and deformation. Secondly, when pasting the aluminum composite panel, pay attention to the glue application must be even, after the super glue thinner volatilizes, you can paste it with your hands and tap it with a wooden hammer. Third, pay attention to dividing the aluminum-plastic panel into several pieces according to the design requirements when using it. It is not suitable to use the whole sheet or a large area, otherwise it will easily cause the empty drum to open the glue. Fourth, the joints and grooves of aluminum-plastic panels are generally sealed with glass glue. The glass glue must be uniform and full when injecting and sealing. After drying, the surface must be cleaned to make the line thickness consistent.

The characteristics of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is a good material that is easy to process and shape. It is an excellent product for the pursuit of efficiency and time. It can shorten the construction period and reduce the cost. Aluminum-plastic panels can be cut, cut, slotted, band sawed, drilled, processed countersunk, cold-formed, cold-folded, cold-rolled, riveted, screwed, or glued.

Common quality problem analysis

Discoloration and decolorization of plastic board

The discoloration and discoloration of aluminum-plastic panels are mainly caused by improper selection of panels. Aluminum-plastic panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines their application in different occasions. The surface of the board used indoors is generally sprayed with a resin coating. This coating cannot adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate its aging process, causing discoloration and decolorization. The surface coating of outdoor aluminum-plastic panels generally chooses anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet PTFE coating, which is expensive. Some construction units deceive the owners by using indoor panels as anti-aging and corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon panels to extract unreasonable profits, resulting in serious discoloration and decolorization of the aluminum panels used in the project.

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