In which areas is Aluminum Composite Panel most applied?

As an Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier, share with you.
1. Construction field
Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panel is often used in the ceilings of subway stations, large shopping malls, conference rooms, and also as curtain walls and roofs of high-rise buildings. It can also be used as screens, sound insulation panels, and portable mobile rooms in banks and hotels. The aluminum honeycomb panel not only has a good decorative effect, but also can take advantage of the characteristics of vibration absorption and energy absorption of the honeycomb panel to reduce human casualties and property damage caused by the earthquake.

Aluminum Honeycomb composite  Panel

2. Transportation
(1) Trains, high-speed trains: Bulkheads, control panels, luggage racks, ceiling pads, washrooms, toilet units, floors, exit doors, and quadrangular doors can be made of honeycomb panels. In addition, honeycomb panel materials can also be used for external components such as the front end, the roof, the shield, and the entire vehicle body. In addition, the energy-absorbing and shock-absorbing features of the honeycomb structure can be used as a protective device, such as installing a honeycomb panel on the front of a high-speed train to protect the personal safety of the captain in the event of an accident.
(2) Ships: In order to reduce the weight of the hull, simplify the structure, and improve efficiency, the lightweighting of the equipment inside the hull has received increasing attention abroad. The use of aluminum honeycomb composite panels for inner wall panels, ceilings, and door panels has achieved significant results. This new technology changes the technical performance of the part, extends the service life, and reduces maintenance and repair work. At the same time, it gives people a sense of comfort and improves the aesthetics of the boat room.
3.Solar field
Aluminum honeycomb panel has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and high flatness. Its hexagonal hollow columnar honeycomb core cell can transmit more than 97% of parallel light, but for non-parallel light, the cell wall panel It can block most of the light that is not perpendicular to the panel, causing it to reflect multiple times on the opaque honeycomb wall panel, so it absorbs most of the incident light. By taking advantage of this light absorption property of the honeycomb panel, an aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure solar heat collecting panel can be manufactured.
4.Printing table and mechanical table
Aluminum honeycomb panels can be used in the production of printing platens due to their advantages such as light weight, high strength, good flatness, and no deformation when heated. The printing platen produced by our company is not deformed when heated, and the flatness error of the entire platen can also meet the needs of customers, and it can withstand on-site inspection by users. In addition to printing platen, it can also be used for anti-vibration table, automatic drawing board, printing plate, dyeing and finishing plate, punch, frame and so on.
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