Installation Precautions of Aluminum Composite Panel Interiors

  1. Connection of rivet
    The Aluminum Composite Panel can be connected with the panel or other materials by a suitable rivet. For outdoor or high humidity areas, it should use self-plugging rivet with a stainless steel core to avoid influencing the board of aluminum composite panel by corrosion, if you use rivet with an iron core, it must be extracted after connecting. The countersunk head rivet can just be used indoors.
  2. Screw fastener
    The fixed part should be used indoors
    The connection indoors can be used by different cephalic Human Menopausal Gonadotropin steel plate or screws. Those screws are not allowed to have thermal expansion displacement with the Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panels.
    The countersunk head rivet can be used for fixing aluminum composite panel, the aluminum face can be put into the panel by countersunk hole method, its hole in the aluminum panel is bigger than the diameter of screw rod.
  3. Plastic welding ( just used for PE core material)
    The connection of plastic by hot-air can also be used for the connection of aluminum composite panel, using heated air to melt polyethylene core and plastic welding rod of the aluminum composite panel by electrically heated welding gun, then connecting them after cooling.