What is the Non-Leakage Construction Plan for the Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall? 


When the aluminum veneer curtain wall is installed, the sealant will be injected after the aluminum plate is installed and adjusted. This process is a key process to prevent rainwater leakage and air penetration. As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you.

1. Materials and tools preparation materials Weather-resistant sealant, caulking foam strip, cleaning agent, cleaning cloth, glue gun, glue scraper, glue scraper.

2. Process operation flow: stuffing the cushion rod → cleaning the glue injection seam → sticking the scraping paper → injecting the sealant → scraping the glue → tearing off the scraping paper → cleaning the finish layer → inspection and acceptance

3. Basic operation method for filling gaps in aluminum veneer curtain wall

1) Packing foam strips: Choose a suitable size foam strip and fill it into the seam to be injected, and keep the foam strip and the side of the plate having sufficient friction. After filling, the recessed surface of the foam strip is about 4mm away from the surface of the aluminum plate.

2) Clean the glue injection seam: Choose a clean, non-hairless cleaning cloth and Erjiaben, and use the “two rag method” to clean the glue injection seam within half an hour before the glue injection.

3) Paste the squeegee paper: Paste the protective tape on both sides of the glue seam. After squeezing the glue, tear off the adhesive paper. Pay attention to clean the surface of the aluminum plate so that there is no residual glue.

4) The glue injection joint should be injected as soon as possible within half an hour after cleaning, and it should be cleaned again after the time has passed.

5) Squeegee squeegee should squeeze the glue seam flat or concave along the same direction and pay attention to the curing time of the sealant.

4. There are 2-3 operators in each group.

5. Precautions for anti-permeability construction of aluminum veneer curtain wall:

Comprehensively inspect the installation of the pressure block and make a concealed acceptance record before filling the cushion rod.

Onsite personnel should be sent to track the cleaning quality.

Glue collection should be smooth and smooth.

Sample the adhesion test of weather resistant adhesive and make a record.

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