How to Maintain the Aluminum Composite Panels Curtain Wall Under Normal Use?

As an Aluminum Composite Panels Factory, share with you.

The service life of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is relatively long. It not only has good self-cleaning and corrosion resistance, so it does not need long-term maintenance. However, some wall maintenance is still required during use, so as to make aluminum The veneer curtain wall shows the beauty and safety of the building for a long time. So, how to maintain the aluminum veneer curtain wall in use? The following four points are the key points of today’s blue sky seven-color aluminum veneer manufacturers.

1. During the warranty period, the aluminum veneer curtain wall shall be regularly inspected and visited by the supplier, and hidden quality hazards shall be eliminated in time.

2. Check the rubber strip and glue injection at any time. If the aluminum veneer curtain wall is found to be off or damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in time. At present, most of the domestic silicone rubbers and imported silicone rubbers used in China can be used only after they have passed a compatibility test by a national designated testing unit. Note that when repairing, you must wait until fully cured (24h) before proceeding.

3. Surface repair of aluminum veneer curtain wall: repair paint for local damage or scratches.

4. Regularly clean with a window cleaner

So, how to solve the cause of chromatic aberration of aluminum veneer?

The solution for the first 1-2 reasons is that aluminum veneer manufacturers should strictly implement the purchase inspection system and replace the paint if necessary. The solution to the third reason is to unify the film thickness and adjust the dry humidity. For the fourth reason, it is to adjust the temperature setting of the paint drying room and the air outlet, which can be measured by the distribution curve of the temperature of the red island. For items 5-6, it is necessary to adjust the parameters of the top coat paint, adjust the parameters of the primer or varnish if necessary, then check the air supply pressure, approve the conveyor chain speed, adjust the paint output, and check the performance of the oil pump oil valve. Check the pipeline and nozzle oil clogging and leakage, whether there is static electricity, or whether the workpiece of the aluminum veneer has a large swing and is close to the bottom plate. If necessary, determine whether the thickness of each layer of paint is in the normal range.

If it is the same batch of aluminum veneer, the reasons for the color difference are:

1. For paint reasons, different batches of paint may be slightly different, even if the viscosity and dry humidity of the same batch of paint topcoats are improper, such results will occur. In addition, if the paint is used for a long time and the solvent evaporates, similar results will occur.

2. For climatic reasons, seasonal changes lead to changes in topcoat parameters.

3. The reasons for spraying machinery and equipment, such as problems with the top paint oil valve, and changes in the conveyor chain speed are also part of the reason.

4. The uneven temperature in the drying room causes changes in the curing temperature and time.

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