Melt Blown Non Woven For Medical Mask

Melt Blown Non Woven For Medical Mask Characteristics:

1. Strong ventilation, melt blown non-woven fabric from 100% fiber composition porous, good ventilation.
2. Good filtration, polypropylene chips without water absorption, moisture content is zero, easy to filter.
3. Good heat preservation.
4. Melt blown fabric for medical mask has the advantages of non-toxic, stable performance, no peculiar smell, and no irritation to the skin.
5. Good waterproof.
Melt Blown Non Woven For Medical Mask
6. Good flexibility, by polypropylene spinning directly into a network of thermal bonding, product strength is better than ordinary staple fiber products, strength without direction, longitudinal and transverse strength is similar.
7. Antibacterial, chemical resistance, polypropylene is a chemical passive substance, not moth, and can isolate the presence of bacteria and insects in the liquid erosion; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, the finished product does not affect the intensity of erosion.
8. Environmental friendly, non-polluting, polypropylene chemical structure is not strong, the molecular chain structure is easy to break, thus effectively and quickly into the degradation process.

Packaging & Shipping:

PE bag with box, sponge mat inside of box to protect goods, will be sealed by tape in outside.
Packing in rolls with 85mm ID core or piece by piece, poly bags and with the woven bags outside, loading by 20 GP or 40 HQ.
PP Melt Blown Fabrics
1)1*20GP container can load about 3.0 tons(90 carton box);
2)1*40HQ container can load about 6.0 tons (180 carton box).
4 rolls per carton box for 175mm width,3 rolls per carton box for 260mm width.
1800 to 1850meter per roll, 8.0 KG per roll
Carton box size: 57*57*70.5CM

Product test report.Type: PP-M
No. Specification Units Standard AV MIN
1 Basis Weight g/m2 25±1 24.9 24.7
2 MD Tensile N/5cm ≥10 12.2 11.3
3 MD Elongation % ≥30 38 35
4 CD Tensile N/5cm ≥8 8.9 8.3
5 CD Elongation % ≥30 35 33
6 Filtration Fesistance Pa ≤30 27 24
7 BE % ≥95 96 95.5
Comprehensive judgment: Qualified
Test method for breaking strength and elongation: ISO9073-3-1989
Test method of filtration efficiency: ASTM F2101