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Metal composite materials have broad application prospects

Over the past 20 years, China’s first continuous thermal composite production line has been successfully trial-produced. China’s metal composite industry has grown from small to large and from weak to strong. Innovation-driven industry has promoted green development and achieved remarkable development achievements. The industry has formed a complete and advanced industrial development chain covering R&D, production and application. China has also become the world’s largest metal composite material industry. Producer, consumer and exporter countries.

Green Proposition Supports Industry Development

Green development is an important theme of the development of building materials industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan, which provides a new support and development path for building materials industry to develop to a higher level. As an important basic raw material industry of the national economy, building materials industry not only has the important task of energy saving and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources in its own development, but also shoulders the important mission of providing material support for the construction of ecological civilization.

In the process of implementing green manufacturing, metal composite industry gradually recognizes the importance of product life cycle impact on the environment. A complete green manufacturing system should run through the whole industrial chain of natural resources utilization, raw material procurement, product production and manufacturing, factories and enterprises, involving green products, green enterprises, green factories, green parks, green supply chains and so on. Among them, the technology of production technology and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment is very important. According to the emission characteristics and emission control standards of metal composite industry, a series of energy-saving and emission-reducing green production technologies have been developed and applied in the industry. In addition to maintaining its own operation needs, the excess heat generated during the treatment process is sent back to oven by heat exchange for reuse, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, the application of catalytic combustion waste heat utilization, baking heating, composite technology, extruder heating technology, extruder screw extrusion and other green technologies in production enterprises has changed the extensive growth mode of the industry, formed the intensive and lean production mode of today’s enterprises, and realized the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of metal composite decorative materials industry. Exhibition.

Standard First Activates Industrial Chain

In the fierce competition at home and abroad, the emerging new technologies and products, if not guided by advanced standards, will eventually be difficult to get out of the low level of competition. Technical standards should be in front of products, not only at the end of the industrial chain, but also at each node of the industrial chain. The strategy of “guiding technological progress by technological standards, improving product quality by technological standards and winning high-end market by technological standards” should be adopted. Only in this way can we ensure that enterprises remain vigorous forever; only in this way can we revitalize the entire industrial chain.

The metal composite industry adheres to the standard-first industrial development path and has formed a set of “China’s Aluminum-Plastic Composite Plate Production Technology” with independent intellectual property rights. It has gradually transformed from the import of products, production technology and equipment to the export of production technology. Aluminum-Plastic Composite Plate complete production equipment has been exported to more than a dozen countries and regions in the world. China’s aluminium-plastic sheet industry has made remarkable achievements, and has developed into the world’s leading producer of aluminium-plastic sheets with an annual capacity of more than 400 million square meters, exporting to more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, accounting for more than 90% of the world’s import and export trade of aluminium-plastic sheets. It has realized the integration of production equipment, processing and application equipment, raw material matching, product production, technological research and development, trade and application equal to one. Complete industrial chain. In the process of industry development, the standard system in the field of metal and metal composite materials has been continuously improved. The products cover almost all products, such as aluminium-plastic composite plate, aluminium veneer, ceiling plate, color steel plate, aluminium honeycomb composite plate, aluminium corrugated core composite plate, copper-plastic composite plate, titanium-zinc composite plate and metal decorative thermal insulation integrated plate products, in order to promote China’s metal composite products. Technological progress, popularization and application have played an important role in promoting the healthy development of the whole industry. Most of these standards are formulated for the first time at home and abroad. It can be said that China’s metal composite product standards lead the development of the world’s metal composite industry.

Equipment manufacturing industry continues to lead

Manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of founding the country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country and the foundation of strengthening the country. Building a competitive manufacturing industry is the only way for China to enhance its comprehensive national strength, ensure security and build a world power. Since the reform and opening up, China’s manufacturing industry has been developing rapidly. The metal composite industry also has a complete and independent industrial system, which strongly promotes the industrialization and modernization of the industry. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has formed a historic meeting with China’s accelerated transformation of the mode of economic development, and the pattern of industrial division of labor is being reshaped. The metal composite industry firmly seizes this important historical opportunity, implements the strategy of manufacturing power, strengthens overall planning and forward-looking deployment in accordance with the requirements of the “four comprehensive” strategic layout, and makes every effort to build China into a manufacturing power leading the development of the world’s manufacturing industry.

In the field of equipment technology development, many enterprises have found a way to meet their own development in the process of transformation and upgrading. For equipment manufacturing industry, improving energy efficiency, equipment level and reducing labor input is one of the keys to transformation and upgrading. The overall technical level of manufacturing equipment is reflected in automation, high speed, high efficiency, stability, precision, energy saving, intelligence and networking. Relying on the combination of scientific and technological innovation and the development model of “excellence, specialty and specialty” to carry out product structure