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Notice for the Renovation of the Aluminum Composite Panel

The Aluminum Composite Panel is a wall material that is often used when decorating walls. The Aluminum Composite Panel has many advantages that make it a good place for wall decoration. Its color is generally very bright, very conspicuous, and the surface is very smooth. Let the Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier tell you what issues the Aluminum Composite Panel should pay attention to when decorating.
First, the base surface of the plate should be dry and flat, and the bottom layer should be made of multi-layer board and blockboard to prevent cracking and deformation.
Secondly, when attaching the Aluminum Composite Panel, it should be noted that the glue should be evenly distributed. When the super-diluent thinner is volatilized, it can be pasted by hand without touching it and tapped with a wooden hammer.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Third, the Construction Composite Panel should be divided into several pieces according to the design requirements. It is not suitable for a whole or large area, otherwise, it will easily cause empty drum opening.
Fourthly, the joints of the Decoration Composite Panel are generally sealed with glass glue. The glass glue must be evenly filled when it is sealed. After drying, the surface should be cleaned to make the thickness of the lines consistent.
The above is the relevant content of the Decoration Composite Panel that our Metal Composite Panels Factory should pay attention to when decorating. If you want to buy Aluminum Composite Panel, please choose us, our aluminum products have excellent quality. Please feel free to contact us.