How to Prevent Unevenness After Installing the Curtain Wall Aluminum Sheet?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you.

Generally, as long as the installation of aluminum veneers is performed in accordance with the correct procedures, there will be no major problems, but often some novices have not installed the curtain wall aluminum veneers before, so it is not uncommon for the aluminum panels to be uneven after installation. In order to avoid unevenness after the aluminum veneer is installed, the following points should be paid attention to during the decoration construction process. As long as the following five points can be paid attention to, the decorative effect of the aluminum veneer installation can basically be achieved. During the construction process, you can also use a ruler, hand test and other methods to observe and check to avoid unevenness.

(1) The purchased gold-built aluminum veneer and the supporting structure and accessories shall meet the product quality requirements and shall not be bent or deformed.

(2) During the transportation and stacking process, the gold-built aluminum veneer should be laid flat, not under pressure, and avoid high temperature and harmful substances.

(3) When installing the aluminum veneer, if there is a deviation in the size, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in order, not hard inserted to prevent deformation.

(4) The frame is installed flat and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range.

(5) Large-scale lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be separately equipped with spreaders, and should not be placed directly on the flat roof of the gold-built aluminum veneer, and should be reinforced at the location where the lamps are installed.

As an important exterior wall decoration material, the cleaning of aluminum-plastic panels is very important. For this reason, Jinzhu aluminum-plastic panel manufacturer Pioneer Aluminum will introduce you to the correct method of cleaning aluminum-plastic panels.

1. Wipe off the dust on the surface of the aluminum composite panel, and then rinse it with water. Remember not to use organic solvents such as gasoline, xylene and banana water, otherwise it will seriously damage the aesthetics of the aluminum composite panel and aluminum veneer and affect its service life.

2. When cleaning the aluminum-plastic panels, follow the order from left to right and from top to bottom. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or add a little washing powder and soap to remove dirt. If there is oily dirt, wipe it with an inorganic detergent first, then wash it off with soap and water, and wipe it dry with a cloth.

3. The requirements for high-altitude operations and the cleaning cycle are the same as those of the glass curtain wall, and sharp objects such as knives, scissors, nails, etc. must be prevented from damaging the surface of the wall during the operation.

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