How to Process Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall Components?

Aluminum veneer curtain wall components are very important parts for the manufacture of aluminum veneer curtain walls. Many friends are not clear about how aluminum veneer curtain wall components are processed. It is certain that the processing and production of aluminum panel curtain wall components is done in the processing plant. Next, Perforated Metal Sheets Factory will tell you about the processing method.

The first step of processing aluminum veneer curtain wall components: production conditions and processing preparation

1. The processing of curtain wall components should be carried out in a processing workshop with good clean conditions.

2. The equipment and tools used for processing should be able to ensure the accuracy requirements for processing.

3. All measuring tools must be able to achieve measurement accuracy, and they must be regularly inspected and certified for measurement.

4. The type, specification, and quantity of aluminum materials, aluminum plates and other materials that enter the site must be checked, and then quality inspections shall be carried out according to relevant standards to strictly control the quality of the materials.

The second step of aluminum veneer curtain wall component processing: technical requirements for curtain wall component processing

1. Before processing, the aluminum material should be straightened and adjusted, and protective tape should be attached before processing;

2. Check the processing dimensions against the processing drawings and confirm that they are correct before processing operations;

3. The allowable deviation of the material cut length dimension is ±1.0mm, and the allowable deviation of the end inclination is <15′;

4. There should be no obvious processing deformation at the cutting end, and the burr should not be greater than 0.2mm; the allowable deviation of the hole position is ±0.5mm, the allowable deviation of the hole distance is ±0.5mm, and the oblique deviation is not greater than ±1.0mm;

5. The processing of bolt holes should meet the design requirements.

The third step of aluminum veneer curtain wall component processing: curtain wall component processing

1. The processing process of aluminum veneer curtain wall components:

Receive processing notice → material requisition → wrap protective tape → cutting → drilling → quality inspection → warehousing.

2. The essentials of each process in the processing of aluminum veneer curtain wall components:

1) Take orders

① After receiving the processing order, you should carefully compare it with the processing drawing. If there is no problem, you must complete the quality and quantity according to the delivery date specified on the order; if the processing order does not match the processing drawing, it should be reported to the production department in time. Processing can only be continued after correct processing;

② The statistics, material calculation and material matching of the processing order must be coordinated with the materials department, and the required materials must be planned in advance.

2) Material requisition

① After carefully checking that it is correct, go to the material department to go through the material requisition procedures according to the specifications, model, quantity and color of the materials;

② When materials are used and transported, care must be taken not to scratch the surface of the materials and cause material confusion.

3) Packing protective tape

① The surface of the components should be wiped clean before processing and covered with protective tape;

② The protective tape must maintain a smooth surface to avoid wrinkles, bubbles and cracks.

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