Metal Composite Panels

  • Stainless Steel Composite Panel
    Stainless Steel Composite Panel

    YOOBOND®Stainless Steel Composite Panel is made of fire rated core, sandwiched between stainless steel sheets(Grade 304 or 316 ) in thickness 0.3 mm or 0.5mm. bottom coils Could be stainless steel,aluminum, Galvanized Steel etc. ……

  • Zinc Composite Panel
    Zinc Composite Panel

    YOOBOND® Zinc composite product is composited with zinc materials and non-toxic PE or fr core materials under advanced compositing technology.It not only maintains the Zinc’s characteristics of nature,self-repairing,long life span,but a……

  • Copper Composite Panels
    Copper Composite Panels

    YOOBOND® copper aluminium composite panel is produced by two metal sheets, front side with copper sheet while back side with aluminum for architectural façade cladding,especially recommended for new-construction ventilated façade sector……

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