How to Repair the Surface of Aluminum Composite Panel?

Aluminum-plastic composite panel is a product that is often used in life. This type of product is used in many places. For many people, it has a very good effect. It is also often used in the home improvement industry, but because of the workmanship. There will be some differences between different types of plates, resulting in products that don’t look very good. What should we do to deal with this situation? First of all, we must understand what causes the color difference of the plates, and work with Perforated Metal  Sheets Factory!

1. Reasons for raw materials. The supplier is different. The difference of suppliers has a great influence on the control of color production. Almost all the raw materials of the paint factory come from different places. If different suppliers are required to prepare the same color, there are actually differences in raw materials. Sometimes the same supplier also has the problem of differences in raw materials of different habits.

2. Equipment reasons. Different coating equipment also have certain differences in the strength and brightness of the coating. Different strength and brightness have a great impact on the human eye.

3. Process reasons. The difference in product production process will inevitably cause the difference in product color. For the current domestic aluminum-plastic composite panel manufacturers, it is very difficult to achieve the same process control conditions, so there must be certain color differences between different batches or even the same batch.

Aluminum composite panel is a new type of material now. Although it is a new material, its application range is indeed very wide. Nowadays, aluminum composite panels are slowly appearing like bamboo shoots after a rain. So let’s talk about how to repair the surface of aluminum composite panels. Right.

1. If the paint coating is scratched and defective, you can let the manufacturer or modulate the paint of the same color to cover it.

2. If the size of the material is improperly cut and the seam is not properly left, the seam is used at this time, and the fine seam will not be seen from close view.

3. If there are other foreign objects such as glue attached, you can use related solvents such as gasoline to scrub.

4. The glue on the splicing seams on the aluminum-plastic composite panel is all sealant, which has a fireproof effect. It is also used to buffer the expansion and contraction of the aluminum composite panel at different temperatures. The glass glue is often transparent or gray, and rarely It is seen that the glass seams with high transparency are black glue. It is a sealant, but glass glue can also be used instead. Normally, ordinary glass glue is used for indoor use, but professional glass glue is recommended for outdoor use.

5. If the color is bad or other reasons, and you do not want to dismantle and reinstall, you must cover it. There are many materials you can choose, such as light cloth photo printing, acrylic board, aluminum-plastic board, etc.

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