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What are the Selection Techniques for Aluminum Composite Panel and Other Metal Aluminum Panel Materials?

As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, share with you.

The general aluminum veneer material will be set with corresponding size specifications, and you can consult the merchant for some opinions and references when choosing.

The first choice is the material of the aluminum veneer. Generally, common aluminum veneer materials mainly include ordinary aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles, and aluminum-manganese alloy profiles. In terms of hardness and strength, the properties of the above three materials increase in order.

Secondly, refer to the surface treatment method of aluminum veneer. At present, the treatment methods of aluminum veneer materials mainly include four methods: spraying, baking, roller coating, and laminating. The service life of the aluminum veneer material under the treatment of spraying and baking varnish is relatively short, and there may be color difference during the surface treatment. The aluminum veneer material under the roller coating process is uniform in color, but it needs to be decorated before the style design, and it is not easy to fade and change color. There are two main types of coated aluminum veneers: ordinary and imported. Basically, it can keep the effect of stable color change for 10 years.

Finally, focus on the production process of aluminum veneer. This is mainly to study the surface bonding effect of aluminum veneer materials. On this point, some users tend to overlook it. For some aluminum veneer products with poor manufacturing processes, the effect of surface adhesion directly affects the length of their service life. Under the current circumstances, aluminum veneer manufacturers still have certain differences in the processing technology of their products. Many manufacturers made by small factories still mainly operate in a workshop-style production mode, and the quality of such production processes is relatively poor. Therefore, when choosing aluminum veneer materials, carefully observe the surface treatment effect of aluminum veneer.

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