Signage / Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel

Yoobond® Signage /Digital printing Panel is the perfect and most versatile substrate for the Signage industry as it is extremely flat, lightweight and rigid. Our polyester coated Panel Sheets offer excellent surface tension required for optimal ink absorption to achieve the best digital printing results.We are Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer, we can manufacture Texture wood aluminum composite panel too,if you like!Welcome to contact us for more information!
Signage Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel
Yoobond® 2-meter width aluminium composite panels bring a new wide vision which meets long span and large format design requirements, and Boldenone Undecylenate most workable is 2-meter wide,which satisfy various design needs and makes the cost of processing much cheaper,reduced scrap wastage,saving keel and other auxiliary material and installation costs,and can be widely applied to the construction sector and signage making and digital printing.
Signage Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel

Commonly supplied in 2mm and 3mm overall thickness with aluminium skin thickness of 0.30mm (0.012″) or 0.20mm (0.008″), with a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) core , with either one or both sides coated with a high quality Polyester paint in various gloss level options ( Matt, Satin or High Gloss).

The Signage/ Digital Printing Panels can also be supplied in other overall and skin thicknesses and paint coating types such as FEVE, High Durable Polyester as required by the customer.

Signage Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel

Panel Thickness 2mm 3mm
Cover Sheet Thickness 0.2mm  0.3mm 0.2mm  0.3mm
Standard Size (W x L ) 1220 x 2440 mm 1220 x 2440 mm
1250 x 2500mm 1250 x 2500mm
1500 x 3050mm 1500 x 3050mm
1500 x 4050mm 1500 x 4050mm
MAX Width 2000mm
The above dimensions are standard ex works.
Individual sizes are available on request.
Aluminum Alloy 1100 ,3003
Paint Supplier PPG, Becker , Akzo Nobel
Core Material Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating Digital Printing PE,PE,HDPE ,FEVE
Surface Color Solid, Metallic, Brushed, Spectra, Wood & Marble, Embossed
The Above materials are regular on request.
Special requirements please contact with Yoobond Service Team directly.


Test Item Test Method Test Result
Flexural strength ASTM D790-10 Procedure A 19290psi
Heat deflection temperature With reference to ASTM D648-07 and  Method B 200.5ºF
Core shear ultimate stress With reference to ASTM C393/393M-11 Rev.1:2012 3-point mid-span loading 194psi
Shear strength ASTM D732-10 5062psi
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D696-08 160.6*10-6(1/℃)
PE(Polyester ) Coating

PE(Polyester ) Coating: high molecular polymer as monomer and addition of alkyd, is an UV-resistant coating. It can be classified matt and glossy according to coating gloss.The compact molecule structure makes paint surface luster and smooth, Which assure good printing on the panel surface,With a Warranty of 8-10 years for weather resistance, It is specially applied for internal decoration and sign board.

Special Colors Coating

※Brushed Panel ,Which are made some special Processing on natural aluminum. presents the nature and beautiful brushed apperance together with modern and elegant.
※Wooden and Stone Panel can be processed by film-sticking and Roller Coating.The former means stick one layer of films with granite or wooden Pattern by Technology. and the later roller coating is painted and roased for three or four times with a better weather resistance.
※Mirror Finish Panel,Which need anodic oxidation finishing on aluminum surface ,the finishing makes the surface like mirror, Mainly used for indoor.

Solid Colors

No matter wether a soft white or a vibrant red is selected,Solid colors are always a good choice when a uniform appearance without special effects is required. The gloss of Solid colors is between 30% -40% according to Gardner Scale, High Gloss Colors upon 95% also available. If you mention the color for placing order, please specify the gloss rate as well.

Metallic Colors and Special effect Colors

The different appearance of color and gloss under various light conditions and viewing angles gives these surfaces a vivid impression and brings them alive.According to Gardenr Scale, the gloss of metallic colors is between 30%~50% and the gloss of special effect colors is between 70%-80% by one more clear coating.


For More colors, Please refer to Yoobond Color Chart.Other colors are also available for all finishes upon request subject to minimum quantity.