How to Distinguish Special-Shaped Aluminum Composite Panel?

Generally, when customers inquire about the price of aluminum composite panel from aluminum composite panel manufacturers, the aluminum composite panel manufacturers will ask some details. The more detailed questions are the thickness, length and width, whether the aluminum composite panel is shaped or not. ?” is an important factor affecting the quotation, but many customers do not understand what kind of aluminum composite panel is called special-shaped aluminum composite panel? Here, Perforated Metal Sheets Factory gives you a brief introduction: how to distinguish special-shaped aluminum composite panels.

In the aluminum composite panel processing industry, there are generally two types of aluminum composite panels: flat plates and special-shaped plates. In addition to the conventional aluminum composite panel, that is unconventional aluminum composite panel. So which aluminum composite panel is the special-shaped aluminum composite panel? How should everyone distinguish?

Regarding special-shaped aluminum composite panels, there is currently no clear concept in the industry. Under normal circumstances, we just call special-shaped aluminum composite panels that have undergone more processes and are complex in shape. For general special-shaped aluminum composite panel, it mainly refers to a single aluminum composite panel that has been bent more than six times or more. It can be counted as a special-shaped board. Among them, there are some special shapes. The board surface is very irregular, not the usual rectangular board. , Square plates, but need to be cut by scribing or cut by an engraving machine, such as triangles, trapezoids, and polygons that exceed quadrilaterals. More complicated are arc-shaped plates (including hyperbolic aluminum single plates, etc.), punched plates, and long welded plates that need to be welded. There are also some special special-shaped boards, which are difficult to process and other shapes, which must be determined by the standards set by each aluminum composite panel manufacturer.

Application range:

Aluminum composite panel is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor metal curtain wall panels, and is suitable for indoor, outdoor, station, airport, subway, light rail, exhibition hall, underground passage, hospital and other places.

Product performance:

1. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum composite panel has the water repellency and corrosion resistance of various chemical solvents that ceramics have.

2. Fire resistance

The non-combustibility of aluminum composite panel building materials (flame-retardant grade one): so it will not produce toxic gas due to combustion in a fire.

3. Stable structure

Aluminum composite panel is like rock or ceramics that will not change after a long period of weathering. Ceramics have unique structural stability.

4. Strong self-cleaning

The aluminum composite panel can be easily washed and restored even if there are contaminated attachments, that is, the cleaning effect can be produced every time it rains.

5. Diversified colors

The aluminum composite panel has strictly selected inorganic pigments to provide consumers with a variety of colors.

6. Weather resistance

The coating film of ceramic aluminum composite panel is superior to general coatings in terms of color and gloss retention.

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