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What should I do if the Surface of the Aluminum Composite Panel is Scratched or Worn?

As a Perforated Metal Sheets Factory, share with you.

Aluminum veneer is an indispensable material for urban construction, and its market position is gradually rising. Even in recent years, the use rate of aluminum veneer has exceeded the use rate of traditional decorative materials. Aluminum veneer has many uses, such as aluminum veneer ceiling, aluminum veneer curtain wall, wrapped aluminum veneer, etc., all types that can beautify the building are produced by aluminum veneer manufacturers one by one. Although the product is very easy to use, some of them will inevitably scratch during use. This is likely to scratch the surface of the aluminum plate and cause the surface of the aluminum veneer to be scratched. So how to deal with this situation?

There are two types of scratches and wear on the Aluminum Composite Panel, one is the friction of the surface paint to expose the aluminum alloy substrate, and the other is the friction between the surface protective film and the paint, which causes the protective film to wear black and stick to the aluminum plate. The above two situations should be treated separately. The first case where the substrate is exposed is relatively serious. You can first use thinner to clean up the periphery of the abraded surface, and then make up the paint. When repainting, it must be ensured that the surrounding area cannot be contaminated and repaired with a soft brush. The second type of wear can be wiped with a glue remover to remove black spots. The degumming agent can be a car degumming agent, or a home sofa leather care degumming agent.

Editors of aluminum veneer manufacturers suggest that in the process of using or installing aluminum veneers, wear gloves as much as possible. When using sharp tools, be careful not to let the sharp end touch the surface of the aluminum veneer. At the same time, you can also call the customer service of aluminum veneer manufacturers before installation to get some professional advice.

The material of aluminum veneer. The base material of the aluminum veneer adopts the new standard aluminum, which is safe and formaldehyde-free. It is forged by deep process and can resist oxidation, even if it is used for a long time, it will not rust. Some other products will use recycled materials as the base material. The quality of raw materials is low, which is not only easy to rust, but also can not guarantee the quality of the products produced, and may cause harm to the human body.

The second point is the surface treatment of aluminum veneer. The aluminum veneer adopts nano technology, and the surface is treated with rollers, and the oil stains can be removed with a touch. The common process treatment of some other products can easily cause unevenness on the surface, and the oil stains are difficult or even impossible to remove, and the user experience is extremely poor.

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