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The applicable industry for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, let’s talk about the applicable industry for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel.
(1) Purification: air conditioning cold catalyst network, water purification network, refrigerator deodorant block, heater lattice grid, air freshener wind guide, etc.;
(2) Chemical fiber: chemical fiber spinning mechanical rectifying plate, etc.;
(3) rectification: wind tunnel rectifiers, medical rectifiers, etc.;
(4) Lighting: various exhibitions, light guide gratings, lighting, barriers for traffic lights, etc.;
(5) Audio: flat panel, long thin speaker, small and medium-sized traditional speaker, earphone speaker, etc.;

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

(6) Machinery: mechanical lightweight platform, laser cutting machine platform, screen printing machine platform, etc.;
(7) Sports: hockey sticks, scooters, sports shoes, etc.;
(8) Transportation: Aviation, aerospace, railway trains, subway trains and ship interior panels, carriages, train doors, train interior panels, ship bulkheads, etc.; such as Transport Aluminum Composite Panel.
(9) Furniture: electronic whiteboard, kitchen cabinet, ecological door, office furniture, exhibit furniture, etc., with the functions of moisture-proof, anti-mite and fire-proof, its resistance to pressure and bending is much better than traditional materials.
(10) Construction: aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panel, aluminum honeycomb ceiling composite panel, aluminum honeycomb anti-static composite floor, aluminum honeycomb partition composite panel (electronic workshop), aluminum honeycomb composite fire door, aluminum honeycomb composite marble plate, elevator substrate, lighting , interior panels, ceilings, acoustic panels, electromagnetic shielding rooms, clean workshops, etc.