The Difference Between Aluminum Composite Panel And Aluminum Composite Panel

Yoobond specializes in the production of aluminum composite panels. Today, Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier introduces the difference between aluminum composite panels and aluminum composite panels. I hope to help everyone.
Aluminum-plastic composite panel is the abbreviation of aluminum-plastic composite panel. As the name suggests, the aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite product of metal aluminum (board) and non-metal plastic, also known as a plastic aluminum panel.
The Aluminum Composite Panel is a composite material of aluminum and aluminum. The honeycomb aluminum plate, which is a composite of an aluminum substrate and an aluminum honeycomb core, is an aluminum composite plate type.
Often said copper-plastic composite panels, stainless steel composite panels, silicon-aluminum-magnesium composite panels, marble composite panels, titanium-zinc composite panels are similar series.
Strictly speaking, these materials should be in accordance with certain rules and norms when naming, but they are easy to understand. However, many manufacturers or new products are seeking novelty, engaging in concepts, arrogance, highlighting advertising effects, etc. The chaotic naming phenomenon is thus generated.
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