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The Origin of Aluminum Honeycomb

As a green building material, Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel has been widely used in the field of architectural decoration. So where does the structure of aluminum honeycomb come from? Why is the honeycomb structure characterized by lightweight and high strength? Today, Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier takes everyone to explore the origins of aluminum honeycomb.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
Scientists have discovered that the hexagonal hexahedral fossa made by the bees is a masterpiece that is constructed with a minimum of material consumption and constructed into a very strong honeycomb that is more powerful than any other shape. Because of this multi-wall arrangement and a series of continuous honeycomb-shaped mesh structures, the external forces from all sides can be dispersed, so that the honeycomb structure resists the pressing force much more than any round or square. Scientists’ research on honeycomb structures gives people the inspiration that even very thin materials can withstand a lot of pressure by making them into honeycomb shapes. Inspired by the hive, the aluminum honeycomb core and the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel were produced and brought out.
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