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The reason why Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panel is widely used in boats!

The structural materials of yachts are mainly wood, steel, aluminum alloy, and glass fiber reinforced plastic. The materials with the same strength, the lighter the weight, it means saving power and lifting speed, which is beneficial to reducing emissions! The unique structure of Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel, through the bonding of surface layer boards with different strength, to achieve higher strength and lighter weight process requirements!

Aluminum Honeycomb  Composite Panel

When selecting hull materials, in addition to mechanical properties, processability and economy are also important factors. In recent years, due to increased environmental awareness, the impact of materials and waste on the environment also needs to be evaluated. As a plastic honeycomb material produced by Metal Composite Panels Factory, it uses imported raw materials and sophisticated technology to minimize the consumption of resources and energy.

At the Sydney International Yacht Show, more and more yachts use composite materials, and it has become a very obvious trend for hull materials. The reason is that the composite material hull structure has a long service life and more convenient maintenance. At the same time, it has unparalleled environmental protection advantages in other materials in terms of manufacturing, use, maintenance and recyclability.

Taken together, the advantages of composite materials as shipbuilding materials are:

1. Light weight In addition to tensile strength and modulus, specific strength and specific modulus, the material required to achieve the same strength is very light, and the specific strength is higher than that of metal materials, indicating that plastic honeycomb composite materials have excellent mechanical properties.

2. Good fatigue resistance The fatigue failure of composites starts from the weaker fibers and gradually expands to the bonding surface. The interface between the matrix and the reinforcing fibers can effectively organize the fatigue crack growth, so the fatigue resistance is good. The tensile strength of general metal materials is 40%-50%, and reinforced plastics are 70%-80%.

3. Non-magnetic Composite materials are non-magnetic and will not be magnetized in a large magnetic field. Therefore, composite ships are not easy to be found by the other’s magnetometer. Avoiding magnetic torpedo torpedo attacks is particularly important in the military.

4. Corrosion-resistant composite materials have good corrosion resistance in acidic alkaline and many harsh environments as long as the formula is reasonable. Boats made of composite materials do not need to be painted, and they will not corrode when sailing in seawater for several years, reducing Maintenance costs such as painting, long service life.

5. Designability The composite material can choose different polymers and reinforcing materials, different formulas, different molding processes, etc. to achieve different performances. According to the structural requirements of different parts of the boat, the material layup and structural optimization design can be carried out.

In addition, composite materials also have a series of advantages such as excellent high temperature resistance and shock absorption, which make plastic honeycomb composite materials have a variety of properties and have been widely used in boats. Our company also has Decoration Aluminum Composite Panel on sale, welcome to consult.