What is the Treatment Method for Waste Aluminum Produced in the Aluminum Plate Production Process?


In the production process of aluminum veneer, some aluminum scrap will be produced. How to deal with this scrap aluminum? Our Metal Composite Panels Factory generally adopts two treatment methods, as follows:

Treatment method one: magnetic separation method

Magnetic waste can be selected using magnetic separation. Iron and its alloys are harmful impurities in aluminum and its alloys, and have the greatest impact on the properties of aluminum and its alloys. Therefore, the inclusion of scrap iron and steel should be sorted out to the greatest extent in the pretreatment process. The ideal treatment method for scrap aluminum slices, low-grade scrap aluminum and sorting scrap iron and steel is magnetic separation. This treatment method has been widely adopted abroad. The equipment of the magnetic separation method is relatively simple, the magnetic source comes from an electromagnet or a permanent magnet, and there are many kinds of process designs. The cross method of the conveyor belt is relatively easy to implement. The scrap aluminum on the conveyor belt moves horizontally. When it enters the magnetic field, the scrap steel is sucked up and left the horizontal belt. It is immediately taken away by the vertical belt. After the running vertical belt leaves the magnetic field, the scrap steel loses its gravitational force and automatically falls to the ground and is concentrated. stand up. The magnetic separation method has a simple process, low investment, and is easy to be adopted. The volume of scrap aluminum processed by the magnetic separation method should not be too large, and general slices and shredded aluminum scraps are more suitable.

Treatment method two: flotation method

If the scrap aluminum contains wood and plastic, the flotation method using water as the medium can be used. The light waste in the waste aluminum is floated in the water and washed away under the action of the water flow, and the waste aluminum is pushed out by the screw propeller at the other end of the pool. In the whole process, the soluble substances such as soil and dust remaining in the screening process are dissolved in water in large quantities, washed away by the water, and enter the sedimentation tank. After the sewage has been clarified by multiple settlements, it is returned to recycling and the sludge is removed regularly. This method can completely separate light materials with a specific gravity less than water, and is a simple and easy method.

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