What are the thicknesses of the Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel when it is to be met by engineering needs?

Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel is a low-density, high-strength material made from the principle of bionics. What are the thicknesses of aluminum honeycomb composite panels when they are to be met by engineering needs?

Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

Aluminum honeycomb composite board material, specifications and thickness:

1. Panel material: High grade aluminum alloy sheet

2. Core material: high grade anti-corrosion aluminum honeycomb core material

3. Sheet length: 5000m

4. Sheet width: ≤1500mm

5. Sheet panel and bottom plate thickness: 0.6mm-2.0mm

6. Total thickness of sheet: 5mm-50mm

7. Surface coating: polyester / fluorocarbon / roller coating / ordinary powder, etc.

Honeycomb sandwich panel made of aluminum honeycomb core and panel bonded by adhesive is a lightweight and high-strength multi-purpose material. Its specific rigidity and specific strength are high. The aluminum honeycomb panel of the same thickness is 5 times more rigid than aluminum. 10 times the steel plate. Due to the nature of the honeycomb sandwich panel, it was applied to aerospace vehicles earlier, greatly reducing the weight of the aerospace vehicle while ensuring functionality, and using the same fuel to travel longer distances. With the continuous advancement of manufacturing processes and the development of materials, honeycomb sandwich panels are widely used in more and more industries, such as shipbuilding, aviation, furniture, Guangzhou Long aluminum buckle board, subway, ground transportation, machinery. , architectural decoration and other industries.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum veneer and Aluminum Composite Panel

1. lightning protection characteristics

This question has been debated for a long time, we always think that the aluminum veneer is pure aluminum, and the conductivity is very good. For this question, a lightning-strike test was conducted in two military laboratories in Germany. The results show that in the moment of lightning strike, the selected curtain wall connection method, whether it is aluminum composite panel or aluminum veneer, can completely prevent lightning strike; in the case of lightning strike continuous current, in metal plate or metal surface layer The lightning strike is prone to melting. Because of the excellent insulation of the central polyethylene core layer, the damage of lightning strike is limited to the skin. From this point of view, the aluminum-plastic composite board has a very good lightning strike resistance function than the aluminum single board.

2. fire characteristics

Aluminum veneers are not incinerated, which is what we all know. In the early stage, the aluminum-plastic composite panel could not be fireproof. However, with the advancement of the skills of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, the fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panel produced by the company has participated in the non-toxic flame-retardant materials in its PE, and the fire prevention function has been greatly improved. Satisfied with the needs of engineering fire protection.

3. residual value

Aluminum veneers have a certain residual value, but because of their high cost, the formation of dregs is still much larger than that of aluminum-plastic composite panels with almost no residual value.

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