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What can Aluminum Composite Panel be Used for?

As an Aluminum Composite Panels Factory, share with you. There are many types of aluminum-plastic panels, but in the usual decoration process, aluminum panels used for interior wall decoration are generally used, and they are widely used in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and heating hoods in the family. In the process, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is very dry and smooth, so that when it is glued, it will also be very smooth, and there will be no bubbles that will affect the firmness of the glue.

Splashback Aluminium Composite Panel

In order to prevent the Aluminum Composite Panel from being deformed or cracked, we try to choose a multi-layer aluminum plate when choosing to use it. After applying the strong glue evenly, try to hit it with a small hammer, so that it can be glued more strong and very Adhesive, there will not be any bubbles, some aluminum plates are also multi-sided, you can choose the appropriate board according to the needs of the decoration, but the double-sided is better, one side is painted with color, aesthetics and strength are good .

When using aluminum-plastic panels for home decoration, especially in the two locations of the kitchen and bathroom, the kitchen has more oil fumes, which is easy to invade the gaps of the aluminum panel, gradually reducing the service life and adhesion of the aluminum panel. There will be some bad effects. There is more water vapor in the bathroom, which will also affect the bonding degree of the aluminum plate. In order to avoid the cracking of the aluminum plate, try to separate the whole plate into several small parts when bonding.

The base plate of the aluminum-plastic plate is the reason that it is easy to deform the aluminum-plastic plate, and there is also the problem of the product itself, so it is very important to choose a manufacturer of good quality. We all know that the base material of the aluminum-plastic plate mainly depends on It is high-density board, wood board, etc. This kind of product may shorten its life when we use it, especially when it is used outdoors. It will be deformed by outside wind, sun, and rain. Therefore, when using aluminum-plastic panels, it must be placed indoors, or the material of the converter, such as some products such as angle steel and square steel pipes that have been skeletonized after anti-rust treatment.

If conditions permit, you can also use the aluminum material as the skeleton of the aluminum composite board. The cost of using such a metal material will be much higher than that of the ordinary material, but the quality is more guaranteed, but we cannot because of its If the quality is better, there is no guarantee to maintain it. In this case, it will still affect the product, and deformation problems will still occur.

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