What is the Difference Between Raw Material Core Aluminum Composite Panel and Clinker Aluminum Composite Panel?

As a Metal Composite Panels Factory, share with you.

1. Resilience

Due to the poor toughness of raw meal, the raw aluminum-plastic board is easy to break, and the toughness of the clinker aluminum-plastic board is not easy to be broken.

2. Processing

When processing aluminum-plastic panels, raw materials may cost a bit more. After all, there are impurities.

3. Advantages and disadvantages

When the aluminum skin is thick, the advantages and disadvantages of the two core materials will not appear on the surface of the construction effect, but when the aluminum skin is thin, the finished aluminum-plastic board of the raw material core material is often

There are some protruding small spots, and the flatness is not good.

4. Detection of core particles

According to the specific gravity test, the particles are placed in the water, and the clinker floats on it, otherwise raw meal.

5. The price of aluminum-plastic panel

Due to the price difference of raw materials, raw aluminum composite panels are much cheaper than clinker aluminum composite panels.

In view of the above reasons, when buying aluminum-plastic panels, do n’t just look at the price, but also the quality. The cheaper ones must be raw aluminum-plastic panels, not only raw aluminum-plastic panels.

There is no guarantee in terms of quality, nor in terms of service life. After construction, various situations will occur. For this reason, purchase of aluminum-plastic panels must be purchased from regular manufacturers.

What are the specific performances of aluminum-plastic panels

1. Be sure to work hard to improve product quality:

Product quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of industry development. We must change the tendency of only paying attention to output but not quality, and work hard on product quality.

2. The production of aluminum-plastic panels should be closely integrated with market demand:

The main purpose of aluminum-plastic composite panels is to decorate and decorate building curtain walls and interior and exterior walls. Therefore, the development of aluminum-plastic composite panels should be based on the needs of the construction industry and the construction and decoration industry. It must be closely integrated with the construction and decoration industry of the construction industry. The path of development and common prosperity.

3. Actively play the role of the association:

The association should establish a scientific development concept, enhance service functions, promote the sustainable, rapid, coordinated and healthy development concept of the aluminum-plastic board industry, give full play to the association’s bridge, coordination, service and self-discipline functions, and create a good environment for the development of the aluminum-plastic board industry.

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