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What should I pay attention to before installing Splashback Aluminum Composite Panel?

As an Aluminum Composite Panels Factory, share with you.

1. Distinguish the aluminum-plastic panel of the inner and outer walls

First of all, figure out whether the exterior wall decoration is the interior wall decoration. Generally speaking, the exterior wall decoration generally uses 4mm, 25-wire or more aluminum-plastic board. Only in this way can the quality of the decoration be ensured. Aluminum-plastic board, which can ensure the quality and reduce the cost.

2. Inspection of accessories

Check horizontal and vertical connectors before construction, measure and adjust to reduce errors of Splashback Aluminum Composite Panel.

Splashback Aluminum Composite Panel

3. Strictly follow the instructions to install aluminum-plastic board

When installing the aluminum-plastic board, install it in the same direction as the arrow marked on the protective film to avoid color difference; the protective film on the board surface should be removed according to the date marked on the protective film, so as to avoid aging of the protective film, which is not easy to remove and affect the appearance .

3. Outdoor rivets

For outdoor structural rivets, the diameter of the shaft should be 5mm and the diameter of the rivet head should be 11mm to 14mm. When riveting the aluminum-plastic panel, it is recommended to fix it in the order from the middle to the two ends of the panel, and considering that the panel will expand and contract when the temperature changes, the hole on the composite panel should be about 1mm larger than the rivet diameter to ensure the aluminum-plastic panel Flatness of the panel;

4. Requirements for glue application

Glue operation should not be carried out on rainy days. Silicone rubber should be filled with weathering glue, and should be carried out in an environment with a temperature of 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ and a relative humidity of 50 or more.

5. Color difference

The paint color of the aluminum plastic panel is allowed to change with time, and there will be a slight and uniform change on the same facade, but it needs to perform long-term performance testing according to the national standard of carbon paint and provide customers with a quality guarantee for 10 years or more.

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