World Cleanup Day is coming again!

World Cleanup Day is an international social initiative dedicated to addressing the world’s land-free waste and marine debris issues by affecting changes in human behavior patterns. This action originated from the Let’s Do It. Foundation in Estonia. In 2008, their first action was to bring together more than 50,000 volunteers to carry out a day of uncontrolled garbage cleanup throughout Estonia. This operation reduced Estonia by approximately 10,000 tons. Illegal garbage. World Cleanup Day was launched by Ian Quinan of Australia’s international environmental organization Clean Up the World. It is scheduled for the third weekend in September and is now one of the most important environmental protection activities in the world. 40 million people from 125 countries participated in the event.
The earth is the home of our common life. With the development of industrialization, the increasing amount of industrial waste and domestic waste, the limited self-purification ability of the earth has been unable to withstand the increasing pressure. As an Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier, we understand our responsibilities and obligations. In production and life, we strictly demand ourselves and clean up the garbage and waste generated in time. Actively influence and drive people around us to work with us to make our own efforts for the clean beauty of the earth.