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Perforated Metal Sheets

Perforated Metal Sheets

YOOBOND® offers perforated perforated aluminum, stainless steel, copper and zinc panels, as well as perforated MCM. Our perforated panels fit into several applications including:

  • Soffit Panels
  • Shade Canopies
  • Screen Walls
  • Garage Screening
Colors & Pattern

Various colors & Pattern could be customized based on diversified design requirements

Our perforated panels allow us and our clients to step into another dimension of enveloping a building.provide virtually limitless design options for architects and owners.

Perforated Panel Systems

Application and Use in Construction
  • Walls
  • Facades
  • Ceiling
  • Roof
  • Exterior / Outdoor
  • Interior


Application and Design in Customized Perforated metal
  • Preforated Fencing
  • Perforated Railings
  • Perforated Screens
  • Perforated Grilles
  • Perforated Sunshades