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  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
Aluminum Core Composite Panel

Aluminum Core Composite Panel

● Than aluminum honeycomb panels are much cheaper
● Than aluminum solid panels are lighter and flatter
● Than aluminum corrugated panels are more durable
● Than aluminum composite panel toxic-free&fire proof

  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Core Composite Panel
Features and Benefits
● Lightweight, only 4.6KG/m2 (4mm/0.7mm/0.5mm); Its lightness gives it more possibility for various application;
● High rigidness as well as flatness like aluminum honeycomb but much cheaper than the latter;
● Fire resistance & water resistance
● Easy fabrication; same as common aluminum composite panel;
● 15-20 years warranty; stable quality with continuous automatic production not by manual;
● Recyclable all materials and environmentally friendly;

HIGH RIGIDNESS Without Attachment In Between
1300*2700,No Carrier Rail
No deformation with 62KGperson’s weight
No deformation with 140KGperson’s weight
No deformation with 210KGperson’s weight
No deformation with 280KGperson’s weight

Flatness Comparison
Aluminum solid panel
Aluminum core composite panel


Face side: 10.98N/MM;
Rear side: 7.06N/MM;

After 8 months

Face side: 10.58N/MM;
Rear side: 6.66N/MM;

Total Thickness Top Alu Skin Thickness Bottom Alu Skin Thickness Width Length Surface Finish
4mm 0.5-1.0mm 0.4-1.0mm 1250mm(recommend) ≤6000mm;
*1500mm WOOD
*1220mm NANO

Exterior wall system(PVDF coating)
YOOBOND uses a PVDF coating system for exterior facades, using quality paint and aluminum coil. Warranty can be 15-20 years for exterior use. Metallic & solid color, nano, wood, stone, brushed, spectra, unlimited color.
Solid color
Unlimited color

Interior wall system(PE coating)
YOOBOND with wood film is another good option for interior decoration for its benefits: sound wood effects.
YOOBOND uses a PE coating system for interior facades, rich color, and decoration effects.

Interior wall system(Wood film)
YOOBOND with wood film is another good option for interior decoration for its excellent benefits: sound wood effects.

Wood film color chart
There are many kinds of wood color charts, the following is only a small part as a reference.

Exterior curtain wall
Wallboard and ceiling
Renovation of old buildings
Interior wall decoration
Backing plate for  slim stone pane
Materials used for train
Elevator Decoration

Beyond Your Expectation, Within the Budget.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns, our highly skilled and dedicated team of Yoobond professionals is always at your disposal, ready to offer prompt and reliable assistance and support.

Business For 20 Years
Company Profile
Jiangyin Yoobond New Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Yoobond New Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a one-step R&D enterprise for new composite materials. It owns the brands YOOBOND® and优沃星®. The main products include Aluminum Composite Panels, Film Laminated Metal Composite Panels, Stainless Steel Composite Panels Galvanized Steel Composite Panel, and New Composite Panel including Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels, Aluminum Core Panels, Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel and etc., the above panels can meet the national standard of B1 grade flame retardant and A2 grade fire resistant.

Our company pursues the purpose of "Than natural" to make our products more environmental. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system cutting-edge, new-era products, better provide customers with competitive solutions and products, and successfully designed and built dozens of large and medium-sized engineering projects at home and abroad.

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    20 years R&D experenice in
    composite materials

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    Well sold in more than
    40 countries and regions

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    Cooperate with global
    top 500 enterprises

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    More than 3000 color/patterns
    are available

Certificate Of Honor
  • EN13501 B1 Grade
  • CE certification
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • B1 level test report
  • ASTM
  • ASTM 2
  • AS1530.3
  • A2 grade metal coated panel
  • A2 FR Core Testing
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Aluminum Core Composite Panel Industry knowledge

What are the typical applications where Aluminum Core Composite Panels excel?
Building Facades: Aluminum Core Composite Panels are suitable for both exterior and interior cladding due to their lightweight nature, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
Transportation: Used in the manufacturing of vehicles, trains, and vessels due to their lightweight yet rigid construction, contributing to fuel efficiency and structural integrity.
Signage and Display: Ideal for creating durable and visually appealing signage, billboards, and display panels due to their ease of fabrication and customizable surface finishes.
Furniture and Interior Design: Used in furniture manufacturing and interior design for applications such as partitions, wall panels, doors, and decorative elements, thanks to their versatility in design and finish options.
Industrial Applications: Applied in industrial settings for purposes such as equipment enclosures, machine housing, and protective barriers due to their strength, resistance to environmental conditions, and ease of fabrication.
Energy Sector: Used in renewable energy projects, including solar panel mounting structures and wind turbine components, benefiting from their lightweight and weather-resistant properties.
Retail and Commercial Spaces: Utilized in retail storefronts, shopping malls, and commercial buildings for their ability to create modern and visually appealing facades and interiors.
Educational and Institutional Buildings: Used in schools, universities, and public buildings for partitions, ceiling panels, and wall cladding due to their durability, fire resistance, and ease of maintenance.
Healthcare Facilities: Applied in hospitals and medical centers for hygienic wall panels, cleanroom partitions, and medical equipment enclosures due to their easy cleanability and resistance to moisture.
Sports and Recreation: Used in sports arenas and recreational facilities for applications such as stadium cladding, arena facades, and indoor sports hall partitions, benefiting from their durability and aesthetic versatility.
These applications highlight the versatility and suitability of Aluminum Core Composite Panels across various industries, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal and practicality.


Can these panels be used in applications where high wind loads or seismic conditions are a concern?
Aluminum Core Composite Panels can indeed be used in applications where high wind loads or seismic conditions are a concern, provided that they are properly engineered and installed according to local building codes and regulations. Here are some considerations:
Structural Strength: Aluminum Core Composite Panels are known for their lightweight yet rigid structure. They can offer sufficient strength and stability when designed with appropriate thicknesses and reinforcement.
Engineering and Design: For areas prone to high wind loads or seismic activity, engineers typically assess the structural requirements and recommend panel thickness, support systems, and attachment methods that ensure adequate resistance to these forces.
Installation Requirements: Proper installation is crucial to the performance of Aluminum Core Composite Panels in challenging environmental conditions. This includes using appropriate fixing methods that account for potential movement and expansion due to temperature changes or seismic activity.
Compliance with Standards: It's essential to verify that the panels meet or exceed local building codes and standards related to wind load resistance, seismic performance, and structural integrity.