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Jiangyin Yoobond New Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Yoobond New Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a one-step R&D enterprise for new composite materials. It owns the brands YOOBOND® and优沃星®. The main products include Aluminum Composite Panels, Film Laminated Metal Composite Panels, Stainless Steel Composite Panels Galvanized Steel Composite Panel, and New Composite Panel including Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels, Aluminum Core Panels, Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel and etc., the above panels can meet the national standard of B1 grade flame retardant and A2 grade fire resistant.

Our company pursues the purpose of "Than natural" to make our products more environmental. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system cutting-edge, new-era products, better provide customers with competitive solutions and products, and successfully designed and built dozens of large and medium-sized engineering projects at home and abroad.

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    20 years R&D experenice in
    composite materials

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    Well sold in more than
    40 countries and regions

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    Cooperate with global
    top 500 enterprises

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    More than 3000 color/patterns
    are available

Certificate Of Honor
  • EN13501 B1 Grade
  • CE certification
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • B1 level test report
  • ASTM
  • ASTM 2
  • AS1530.3
  • A2 grade metal coated panel
  • A2 FR Core Testing
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Stone Aluminum Composite Material Industry knowledge

What technologies or methods are used to create the stone-like finish on SACM?
Printing Technologies
Digital Printing: High-resolution digital printing technology is used to transfer detailed images of natural stone patterns onto the aluminum surface. This method allows for precise replication of various stone types and colors.
Sublimation Printing: This process involves transferring dye onto the aluminum surface using heat and pressure. Sublimation printing ensures vibrant and durable stone-like patterns that are resistant to fading.
Coating and Laminating Technologies
PVDF Coating: Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating provides a protective layer that enhances the durability and weather resistance of the printed stone patterns. It also gives the surface a realistic, stone-like finish.
Film Lamination: A high-quality film with stone patterns is laminated onto the aluminum surface. This method ensures a consistent and uniform appearance while protecting the material from external elements.
Texturing and Embossing Techniques
Embossing: Embossing techniques create a three-dimensional texture on the surface of the Stone Aluminum Composite Material, mimicking the feel of natural stone. This process involves pressing patterns into the material to achieve the desired texture.
Sandblasting: Sandblasting the aluminum surface can create a rough, stone-like texture. This method is often used to replicate the tactile qualities of natural stone.
Composite Panel Assembly
Layering: SACM is constructed by layering aluminum sheets with a core material (such as polyethylene or a fire-resistant mineral core) and bonding them together under high pressure and temperature. The stone-like finish is applied to the outer aluminum layer, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.
Quality Control and Testing
Color Matching Systems: Advanced color matching systems are used to ensure the printed or coated stone patterns are consistent with natural stone colors. This technology helps in achieving a realistic and uniform appearance across different panels.
Durability Testing: To ensure the stone-like finish withstands environmental factors, SACM undergoes rigorous testing for UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and adhesion strength. These tests help maintain the quality and longevity of the stone-like appearance.


Are there specific building types or styles where SACM is particularly beneficial?
Commercial Buildings
Office Buildings: SACM can be used for exterior cladding, creating a modern, sophisticated appearance while providing durability and low maintenance.
Retail Spaces: The stone-like finish enhances the visual appeal of storefronts and shopping malls, attracting customers with its elegant look.
Hotels: SACM is ideal for both interior and exterior applications, offering a luxurious appearance and contributing to a high-end guest experience.
Residential Buildings
High-rise Apartments and Condominiums: SACM adds a touch of elegance and contemporary style to residential towers, improving the building's aesthetic appeal and market value.
Luxury Homes: SACM can be used for façades, accent walls, and interior design elements, providing a stone-like look without the weight and cost of natural stone.
Institutional Buildings
Schools and Universities: SACM provides a durable and attractive cladding option for educational institutions, enhancing the campus environment.
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: The easy-to-clean and hygienic surface of Stone Aluminum Composite Material makes it suitable for healthcare environments, while its aesthetic qualities contribute to a calming atmosphere.
Public Buildings
Museums and Cultural Centers: SACM offers a versatile material for creating striking and memorable architectural designs that can withstand heavy foot traffic and environmental exposure.
Government Buildings: SACM can be used to achieve a prestigious and professional appearance, aligning with the formal nature of government structures.