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  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel
Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

Aluminum honeycomb composite plate, is using the current international advanced aerospace technology combined with advanced fully automated production equipment, a high-tech environmental type decoration material will be aluminum, and the aluminum honeycomb core is tightly bonded, mainly used in building external wall decoration (especially for high layer building) interior ceiling, wall partition the door, and insulation inside, furniture, teaching, electronic, purification, transportation, aviation, billboards, etc. It is the modern decoration material of choice.

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

The scope of the application
Because of stone and aluminum honeycomb board has the advantages of lightweight, small pollution, saving the radiation characteristics of stone material, and the plate size is large, can be used the ceiling, curtains wall, interior walls, the ground, and more and more widely used in buildings, vehicles, ships, and other decorative decorations.

Production principle
The panel mainly uses 3003H24 aluminum alloy or 5052AH14 high manganese alloy plate quality as base material, the plate thickness of 0.81 .5mm, using fluorocarbon (PVDF) roll, the plate thickness is 0.6 1.0mm, a total thickness of 10mm should be 25mm. Core material using hexagonal type 3003 aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum foil thickness of 0.4 0.6mm, length of 5 6mm, the polymer film and modified epoxy, fully enclosed dust-free operation, with automatic honeycomb composite panel production equipment made by pressurized high-temperature composite.

Imitation wood honeycomb board

Aluminum honeycomb core is made of high-quality alloy foil honeycomb core,
after special processing is made, with lightweight and high strength, fire
prevention, moistureproof, sound insulation heat environmental characteristics.
The product has been widely used in clean room wall inner core, aluminum
curtain wall plate inner core composite building, decoration plate.

Honeycomb plate form

Installation method of honeycomb board
1. Aluminum honeycomb lattice width greater than 1200mm, using 3 40mm wide stainless steel, aluminum honeycomb panels hanging end dimensions for 150mm;
2. Aluminum honeycomb lattice width of less than 1200mm, more than 600mm, using 2 40mm wide stainless steel, aluminum honeycomb panels hanging end dimensions for 180mm;
3. Aluminum honeycomb lattice width of less than 600mm, using 2 40mm wide stainless steel pendants, pendant cellular wall screen size is 100mm;
4. Aluminum honeycomb panel adhesive seam width apart from some marked, and unmarked is 6mm.

Standard nodes of aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall columns

Open honeycomb panel longitudinal standard nodes

Technical performance index on aluminum honeycomb board

Thickness 20 25mm
Front al-planking 1.00mm
Back al-planking 1.00mm
Weight (kg/m2) 7.4 7.8
Mechanics function of complex planking and surface planking
Inertie rectangle l(cm4 /m) 19.85 31.67
Measurement of cutting W(cm3/m ) 19 24
Hardness of complex planking E.I(KN cm2/m) 139000 2217000
Aluminum profile surface planking AA 5754A(ALMg3)
Changeable measurement (N/mm2 ) 70000
Pull-protecting strength of surface planking (N/mm2) Rm≥220
0.2% Power of bending (N/mm2 ) Rp0 2≥130
Extanding rate (EN485-2:1994) A50≥8
Hot expanding of aluminum materials 2.4mm/m100°C
When the temperature discrapancy is 100°C
Surface decoration layer PVDF Spray and bake paint
Luminosity (original Data) 30-40%
Hardness of pencil HB-F
Pith of honeycomb
Size of honrycomb 1/4”(6.3mm) 
Weight satnding of aluminum materials It is about80kg/m3
Strength of pressure-resistant(MIL-STD-401) 4 N/mm2
Function of acoustics:
Data of sound sucking As 0.05
Indicator of sound separating According to ISO717-Rw 23 25
Function of heating
Data of heating guiding λ (W/M K) 2.25 2.7
Data of heating preventing R(1/m)(m k/w)  0.0089 0.0093
Data of heating passing U(k) (w/m k) 5.59 5.575

For comples planking, the data of heat passing "入" depend on the thickness of planking.

Aluminum honeycomb panels technology parameters

ASTM Unit 10mm 15mm 20mm
Unit theoretical weight kg/m2 5.4 5.6 5.75
Tensile strength E8 N/mm2 806 598 455
Endurance E8 N/mm2 531 405 279
Elongation E8 1.2 1.4 1.7
Bending rigidity C393 X106N.mm2 8.03 15.4 38.44
Flexural elasticity N/mm2 5000 40600 38.44
Temperature elongation coefficient D696 X10-6N/℃ 0.24 0.24 0.24
Thermal conductivity D967 Kcal/mhr℃ 0.23 0.19 0.15
Heat distortion temperature D648 200 200 200
Bond strength C297 N/mm2 12 12 12
Board flatness The maximum deviation is 1mm/M
Flame retardant properties Non-flammable, complies with relevant fire protection grade standards
Sound insulation performance Depending on the panel installation angle, there are 0-3dB


Cutting Grooving Drilling Roll bending
Art graphics processing Repaint the surface Surface screen printing Back bolt connection
Edge compression molding Profile bending Text paste Surface film
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Certificate Of Honor
  • EN13501 B1 Grade
  • CE certification
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • Certificate of ISO
  • B1 level test report
  • ASTM
  • ASTM 2
  • AS1530.3
  • A2 grade metal coated panel
  • A2 FR Core Testing
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Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel Industry knowledge

What are the advantages of using aluminum honeycomb core in composite panels?
High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminum honeycomb core provides exceptional strength while being extremely lightweight. This makes the panels easier to handle during installation and reduces structural load on buildings.
Excellent Rigidity: The honeycomb structure creates a rigid panel that maintains its shape under stress, contributing to the overall stability and durability of structures.
Enhanced Thermal and Sound Insulation: The air pockets within the honeycomb core provide effective thermal insulation properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures. Additionally, they offer soundproofing benefits by absorbing and dampening sound waves.
Fire Resistance: Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels can be designed to meet stringent fire safety standards. They are inherently non-combustible and can be manufactured with fire-retardant materials for enhanced safety in building applications.
Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, making panels with aluminum honeycomb cores suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without significant degradation over time.
Versatility in Applications: These panels are versatile and can be used in various industries and applications including building exteriors, interior partitions, furniture, transportation, and aerospace due to their lightweight and durable nature.
Environmental Benefits: Aluminum is recyclable, so using aluminum honeycomb composite panels can contribute to sustainable building practices by reducing environmental impact and promoting resource efficiency.


How do these panels perform in terms of insulation and soundproofing?
Thermal Insulation:
Air Pocket Structure: The honeycomb design of these panels creates numerous small air pockets within the core. These air pockets act as natural insulators, significantly reducing heat transfer through the panel.
Energy Efficiency: By minimizing heat loss or gain, aluminum honeycomb panels help maintain stable indoor temperatures. This property is especially beneficial in buildings where thermal comfort and energy efficiency are priorities.
Temperature Regulation: They contribute to reducing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) energy consumption by lessening the load on heating and cooling systems, thereby lowering operational costs over time.
Noise Absorption: The structure of aluminum honeycomb core panels is effective in absorbing sound waves. The air-filled cells within the honeycomb core dissipate and dampen noise vibrations, reducing reverberation and echoing in interior spaces.
Acoustic Control: These Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panels are used extensively in environments requiring acoustic control, such as recording studios, theaters, conference rooms, and noisy industrial settings. They help create quieter and more comfortable spaces by improving speech intelligibility and reducing ambient noise levels.
Versatility in Soundproofing: Depending on the specific requirements, different configurations of aluminum honeycomb panels can be engineered to achieve varying levels of sound insulation. This versatility allows for tailored solutions in different acoustic environments.