Aluminum PP Honeycomb composite Panel

Yoobond ®FRP( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) PP honeycomb composite panel is the combination of PP-honeycomb with FRP sheets results in a sandwich composite Panels.Surface finish could be Mirror and Matt. Smooth surface, colorful, excellent aging resistance,Core materials are with High Strength PP Honeycomb,Having a good chemical stability for the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt etc.

FRP Composite panels are Mainly used as Vehicle Box Panel ,RV (Recreational Vehicle )Panel ,all kinds of floor structural parts, non-slip pedals (non-slip pattern), Non-load-bearing walls partition, Cruise ships decoration, Fence, advertising signs and so on.

FRP PP Honeycomb composite Panels
FRP PP honeycomb composite panel (10mm)
Item Results
Compressive strength  ≥ 1.6MPa
 Compression modulus ≥ 13MPa
Bending strength ≥ 13MPa
Flexural modulus  ≥ 810MPa


Front & Backside Option Fiber Reinforced Plastic on both sides
Panel Thickness  10mm
The Above materials are regular on request.
Special requirments please contact with Yoobond Service Team directly.

Aluminum PP honeycomb composite panel

  • High stiffness with low weight
  • High comprehensive strength
  • High quality finished outer surface
  • Excellent shape and dimensional stability
  • Easy work-ability and handling




Vehicle Box Panel and RV (Recreational Vehicle )Decoration

– hulls, bulkheads, decks, superstructures, internal furniture 
Automotive and Rail

– shock absorbers, door panels, floor panels, roof panels

– laminated wall claddings, wall panels, roof panels, specialized clean room wall panels