How to Solve the Problem of the Aluminum Composite Panel Fade?

The Aluminum Composite Panel is a product that is often used in home decoration. This type of product is very effective, and because of the color of the product, many households use the Aluminum Composite Panel when they use it. However, whether it is clothes or Aluminum Composite Panel because it is colored, it will appear faded. How should we deal with such problems? Then let’s take a look at the Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier!
In general, the qualified Aluminum Composite Panel will not fade in the shelf life, the board will not crack, the layout will not wrinkle and so on. Of course, the premise of these “quality assurance” is to correctly regulate the use of Aluminum Composite Panel. If the method of use is not appropriate, there will be quality problems such as discoloration, cracking and wrinkling. For example, the selected Aluminum Composite Panel is not suitable, and it is suitable for indoor use in the Aluminum Composite Panel. The cleaning method is not correct. When cleaning, corrosive cleaning agents are used, which will also cause the color of the Panel is discolored.

Aluminum Composite Panel
If you notice these points, you can effectively reduce the fading problem of the Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel. Let’s take a look at this puzzle!

  1. Pay attention to selecting a suitable cleaning agent during maintenance. The use of corrosive detergents when cleaning the Aluminum Composite Panel can also cause discoloration and discoloration of the colors of the Aluminum Composite Panel.
  2. Correctly distinguish between indoor and outdoor materials. The
    Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel is divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coating of the two panels is different, which determines the different occasions for which it is applicable. The surface of the plate used in the room is usually coated with a resin coating. This coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If it is used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate its aging process, which will cause discoloration and discoloration.